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Originally Posted by catsrule View Post
Face mask and smilie do not belong in the same phrase, it is too bad that monster is one of the official smilies here now. I am thankful to live in a state that does not tyrannize its members into wearing face masks, went for a walk in the park and no one else was wearing one either. If they can't come up with an effective vaccine by the end of 2020 and drag it out to next year, the response team really is led by morons. But then with the totally inept and greedy CDC in charge, they don't care about a vaccine any time soon. Those lying scum even admitted on their site now that several deaths that had been listed as covid-19 were actually flu.
Remain calm, try to find your meds, and turn off Fox News. We’ll try to send you help as soon as possible.

By the way, record spikes in Covid cases are occurring, so not the best time to spew nonsense
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