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My first Pointer Sisters album was the 1994 album Only Sisters Can Do That and I found that album in a thrift shop and I bought it just to see if I liked The Pointer Sisters and to my surprise I liked them and then I bought another Pointer Sisters album and I liked it even more. But I knew very little about Bonnie Pointer because none of the albums I had featured Bonnie Pointer singing with The Pointer Sisters but I learned about her when I read about her solo career. But their song Yes We Can-Can was remade into a rap song with the same lyrics sung into rap but the original version of Yes We Can-Can is much better. June Pointer also was the singing voice of the character Rita who was the girlfriend of Billy Joel's character Dodger in Disney's Oliver And Company and June was amazing in the movie. Now that Bonnie Pointer is gone I wonder if her solo albums will get rereleased soon?
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