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Wink Not So Fast There Herman

OK, I'll try this again, the lousy system here keeps bringing me to a website hocking undershirts everytime I start my brilliant thoughts. I don't even wear undershirts except for under my real shirt.

This is a show I have NEVER seen and was barely even aware of. But, allright the REAL catch to their proud claims of being around longer than Ozzie comes to when you ask how many episodes have you produced how much material have you created in your 14 years? Hmmm? In their 14 years they have produced 153 shows, wow, huh? OK, so how many shows, how much material did the Ozzie show create in their 14 years? Oh, only 435 episodes, that's all. Looks like that "Sunny" show has another 300 shows to go before they can start bragging about beating Ozzie's record. Guess this must be one of those "inconvenient facts" the libs love to talk about, only difference is this convenient fact is true.
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