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When Comedy Central began life as the Ha Network it's main mission was to bring a 24 hour comedy channel to cable TV and when the Ha Network was renamed Comedy Central they did just that. Soon with great programming and comedy concerts from current and new comedians and comediennes such as Ben Bailey Brett Butler Christopher Titus Howie Mandel Leslie Jones Lewis Black Wanda Sykes Robin Williams and other top comedians and comediennes Comedy Central knew that a formula like this would sell like hotcakes. But it wasn't until the 90's that Comedy Central would adopt a new image and did away with showing comedy concerts and movies and starting to show game shows such as Vs and Win Ben Stein's Money which proved that comedy based game shows would be a hit and if Win Ben Stein's Money wasn't a hit when it debuted Jimmy Kimmel would not be a huge celebrity today. And when Comedy Central started adding cartoons they soon knew that this new image would help them succeed with their audience but when South Park debuted Comedy Central knew that South Park would become a huge hit like when FOX debuted The Simpsons and because of high ratings and an large audience of adults South Park is still going strong. Now when you get the general picture there is not another all comedy cable channel that can compete with Comedy Central so Comedy Central really has nothing on their plate to worry about that can make them go belly up. But as streaming tv shows and channels continue to be all the rage I can easily tell everybody that Comedy Central will merge with Roku or Hulu and develop a Comedy Central streaming channel or app and I can tell you it will be a dynamite hit. But if it wasn't for comedians like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Comedy Central wouldn't be going strong if their shows wouldn't become huge hits. But if another comedy cable channel gets developed Comedy Central will still be here to stay
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