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Originally Posted by retrofan05
TV Land is beyond confusing. What is with getting rid of Married with Children, bringing it back and then getting rid of it again? Does it do well or doesn't it? The same goes for Boston Legal. Why air it if you're only going to get rid of it the following month? Also, airing six episodes of Bewitched on the weekends makes you think it is doing well, but yet it isn't airing at all on the weekdays?
I think the MWC issue is due to the contract which was intended for Spike TV, but they never air it. I think it does well for TV Land. For some reason, unlike other Viacom shows, it can't be shared between networks for very long. Is there no way the contract can be modified?

I don't understand this schedule either. The Nanny is so out of place in the morning. And if they are wanting younger viewers in primetime, why air Sanford and Son, their oldest skewing show, for 2 hours every night?

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