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Originally Posted by ryan423
I would alter the schedule a bit by putting all the more family oriented sitcoms in a morning block and/or shows with lesser of an episode count. I'd keep the shows currently in primetime where they are.

6am - Married with Children
7am - Saved by the Bell
8am - The Fresh Prince
9am - Home Improvement
10am - According to Jim
11am - Yes Dear
12pm - Just Shoot Me
12:30 - House of Payne
1pm - House of Payne
1:30 - Family Guy
2pm - Family Guy
2:30 - My Name is Earl
3pm - The Office
3:30 - The King of Queens
4pm - The King of Queens
4:30 - Everybody Loves Raymond
5pm - Everybody Loves Raymond
5:30 - Everbody Loves Raymond
6pm - Seinfeld
6:30 - Seinfeld
7pm - Friends
7:30 - Friends

Everything I listed from 3:30-8 are definitely the sitcoms of the '90s/00's that struck the most of a chord with the audience, and continue to be successful on DVD and syndication.

I would've loved if TBS had won the rights to Two and a Half Men and How I Met Your Mother, rather than Lifetime and FX. I'm hoping we see The Big Bang Theory on TBS in the next couple of years! I bet it would start out like "Earl" and "Office" did, only airing twice a week, and go on to be a big hit for the network.
I would love to see BBT on TBS eventually - it's a perfect fit for the network. The only other network I could see it working on is FX, paired with Two and a Half Men.
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All views are appreciated!


Medium, Fridays at 9pm, on CBS!
Big Bang Theory, Mondays at 9:30pm, on CBS!
The Mentalist, Thursdays at 10pm, on CBS!
Old Christine, Wednesdays at 8pm, on CBS!
ABC's Comedy Lineup, Starting Wednesdays at 8:30pm, on ABC!
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