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Originally Posted by pavanbadal
No, its ratings have not fallen. Again you're assuming just because it is moving. It's not like it moved to 12am. Think about it Julie, Nick at Nite has GAINED an hour in primetime, so now 9pm is their prime spot on the schedule. Before it was 10pm when the network started at 9pm. So is it really an hour earlier when it is STILL airing in the 2nd hour on Nick at Nite?
No, I said G.Lo's ratings will see some fall off with the move to 9pm. Even though its now the anchoring hour for NAN, it still is the earlier 9pm hour, which has always been lower rated on NAN from past ratings information. Still, as I said, it will remain strong like it always has been.

It is an hour earlier, only because 9pm has never been rated as high as 10pm for the network. You still have to think of this based on ratings, not based on the 8pm hour being added.
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