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Wow, I was finally getting used to this schedule, since we haven't seen many changes in awhile, but this schedule is probably worse. The Jeffersons being on an hour later is not a good thing, since by that time I'm just leaving for work. Plus, there is way to much of the same shows airing over and over. If I count correctly, it look slike Sanford and Sun are airing the most each week, with 5 episodes almost every day. Plus, why is Good Times al of the sudden getting all the attention? Why can't we get some good shows like All In the Family or The Jeffersons in primetime where they belong, instead of having 4 episodes in a row of MASH? Plus, Three's Company is now pushed back an hour later. Have the ratings for the show been slipping? I was really enjoying it back in primetime. Plus, It's nice to have the Cosby Show back, but that's too late for me.

It sure seems like I am doing a lot of complainging, again, but this network is just getting pushed in the wrong direction. I can honestly say I do not see one good thing about this schedule
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