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Originally Posted by TeeVeeCloset
I am done writing on this subject, please see numerous posts in this thread, how much do I have to spell it out......$$$$$$

BTW I didn't spend or see Tracy for nearly 6 hours in Ridgefield Park, NJ, I didn't give to Tracy's Kickstarter project to restore the show......she had alot more time being MUCH older than youngest Sam if first interested in the series. Yes I did mention music clearances but there is NOT a complete UNCUT master film collection, FACT!

No words to the poster, as I understand you were only quoting what Tracy posted, but some don't want to appear to be greedy or be the bad person.
With all due respect to you, teeveecloset--I know that you invested a lot into Sam's project--but nevertheless, I am still interested in hearing anything that any of the Nelsons themselves have to say about this project, and I am pretty sure that others who read and post on this forum are too. And frankly your assessment of Tracy's motives (that she doesn't "want to appear to be greedy or be the bad person") are most ungenerous. Do you have any idea what Tracy Nelson has been through in the last three decades? She has been through three life-threatening bouts with cancer, went completely broke in the process, and has been raising two children at the same time. Just because she couldn't devote her time to making episodes of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet available to us doesn't mean that she does not care about the show. Indeed, if you saw how often she posts things about the show on facebook and youtube, I think you would see otherwise. Her postings make it very clear that she loved Ozzie, Harriet, Dave, and especially her father dearly, and she does care about their legacy and the show.

Having said all of that, I think you may very well be right about the outcome of Sam's project. But for you to be casting aspersions on what the Nelsons themselves say about it and what their motives might be seems rather harsh and unnecessary.

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