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Originally Posted by OH Nuts!
So, to recap, a small project with the right marketing could easily flourish. Just keep it simple with a product that stands out from anything ever done before. It could be a success for Sam cathartically as well as financially. I hope he shifts gears and takes the project in this direction.
Right-On !!! I have always thought the best move Sam could ever make would be to release the truly “lost” episodes of “The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.” Garner some interest and help fund a possible later season-by-season release.

I do think Sam was on the up-and-up and as admirable as it was, 435 episodes was a huge undertaking. 14 seasons would have taken years and years to complete, even under the best of circumstances. I did not want to see Sam fail, but I never had faith it could ever materialize.

I did not contribute because I do not have money to spare. I must say had I gone against my better judgement and contributed anyway, I would be extremely disappointed with the pace of this project.

I have purchased the official Shout releases, the Mill Creek set, $1 store discs. I have traded with other die-hard O&H collectors across the US with the Disney and other public domain airings and with other collectors with film transfers. At last tally with my trade friends we were all still missing the same 44 episodes. It has been a while, but I imagine the tally is the same. We would ALL gladly give Sam a list of the most wanted episodes.

Maybe those 44 episodes are truly lost forever and I might be able to accept that, but last year 6 totally “new” episodes appeared on the Retro Television airings. These were uncut episodes with the original openings and closings. Not on the syndicated list, never on Disney or other public domain airings, not on any list of known film transfers, etc.

Additionally, 2 uncirculated episodes on film were sold on Ebay around the same time. Each went for over $250 and went to the same bidder. These lost episodes are apparently highly marketable and a hot commodity. Sam would do well to make what he has available of this caliber, if there indeed are any.

I have often wondered how so many film transfers of this show have surfaced. I also wonder just how many episodes have actually fallen into the public domain.

I “get” the desire of the family to eliminate the bootlegs, but let’s face it, even the family Shout releases had mostly heavily edited episodes while the bootleg/public domain episodes floating around of the same episodes are uncut. This has primarily been the only way to get this series. I personally will sacrifice some quality to have the uncut version.

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