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Originally Posted by soilentgreen
Thanks for the article, Mysteryphile. I always wondered why none of her family or friends from her hometown were interviewed on the UM segment. Her gravestone:

Here's a 1981 article from the Spencer, Iowa Daily Reporter which mentions the marriage of an Anna Miller, described as a former Spencer resident, to Tom Anton in Florida. I was hoping for a photo of the couple but no such luck. Another article after the murder mentions that Anna grew up in Spencer, then lived in the Lake Park, FL and Milford (NE?) areas before moving to Lyons, NE.

Webb had a son, three prior marriages, and was living with another unsuspecting woman when he was captured.

It's been a long time since I've seen this segment, but I am wondering if the Geraldine Hively Anna Anton shares her tombstone with is that one friend who is interviewed in the segment. The friend had glasses, black curly hair, if I remember right.

If the friend featured in the segment is not Geraldine Hively, then I wonder who Geraldine Hively is?
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