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I don't think he committed suicide. He was seen by two completely different people at different times who both knew him well, and both of those people described him as being with the same group of people and in the same vehicle. They also described A.J.'s behavior as being the opposite of his typically outgoing, friendly demeanor.

Now, earlier in this thread someone mentioned that somebody claiming to be a relative of one of the eyewitnesses stated on a certain video hosting site that this individual allegedly did not have a reputation for telling the truth. Whether that's true or not is really none of my concern, but I suppose that does lead me to wonder if the other eyewitness's account was ever publicized anywhere very early on, such as within days or weeks of A.J.'s disappearance. If it was, I would then be given to wonder about when exactly the eyewitness mentioned on the video site began to testify about his seeing A.J.

Nonetheless, in all the articles I have ever read about A.J. Breaux, I've never read anything about financial problems, relationships with shady characters, or the like. That does tend to complicate the abduction theory somewhat. But I still have some gut feeling that those witnesses were telling the truth. I can't explain it fully, but I strongly feel he was in fact abducted.
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