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Originally Posted by Necco
Wow. I'm not sure they needed to post that picture.
It's very disturbing but I feel more sadness looking at that picture. The clothes even match up, like Wendy's red jogging suit and Lisa's yellow striped shirt. Such great attention to detail by Unsolved Mysteries since that's the clothing the actresses playing the three women were wearing in the reenactment.

Once the police finally (FINALLY) arrest Chad and Beverly, I want to know why. We always knew who but we never knew why. Was it simply a matter of an unstable family not wanting to deal with a former in-law or were they truly afraid little Jonathan would repeat something he heard about his criminal grandmother and great-grandmother that they were afraid Wendy would overhear and call the police? You're already going to jail so you might as well explain why you had to stoop this low.
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