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A few weird things here:

1 - That park groundskeeper sees three men force one man into a car but doesn't report it to police for three days?

2 - The lady who think she spotted AJ selling fish recognized him and called the police. You would think a big red van in small town Louisiana would have been easy to spot for the cops right? Maybe the cops dropped the ball, or maybe she took her sweet time calling them or maybe she was way off.

3 - According to someone who posted a comment on Youtube he claims that one of the witnesses (Kenneth Mulligan, I believe) the man who says he saw AJ at a pay phone is lying. This poster says Kenneth is his uncle and is a compulsive liar and would do anything to get on TV. Now, I don't know this poster from Adam, but maybe he's telling the truth. I tend to believe the witness though, there was another witness who waved at AJ and he was in a red car with three other men. Just like the phone booth sighting. Both men seeing the same thing decreases the chances of them being wrong.

4 - AJ dealt with drunks trying not to fall off the wagon. Not to be rude, but some of these people wouldn't exactly be salt of the earth types. They are alcholics. If anyone knows an alcoholic they know they can (the key word being "can") be violent, selfish and run with the wrong crowd. They could do anything to get a drink. They could fall in with gamblers. Who knows. But either way it is safe to say AJ wasn't always dealing with genuine people, so that could have something to do with it.

5 - One other thing that bugs me. The fish lady saw him 4 weeks after his disappearance. If she is right, why in the world do his kidnappers let him go? I wonder about that sighting.

6 - I don't believe the amnesia thing. After 20 years someone, somewhere would have seen a middle aged (and now rather old) man wandering around. Or even if he got a job somewhere someone would recognize him. They'd try to learn about his past. His neighbours would know him, etc. There is no way he survives the streets for 20 years disorientated. Someone would spot him, which is why I believe he either ran away on his own, or he is no longer with us. Probably the latter. But for the life of me I can't figure out why.
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