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I just watched this segment for the first time tonight...I can't believe I hadn't caught this one before; it was so intriguing. Here are my thoughts:

1. For some odd reason that I can't explain, I kinda believe Fish Lady. Her story sounds bizarre, for sure, but she seemed sincere, and the "alcohol on his breath" might match up to AJ's situation at the time. Hmm.

2. I think the idea that maybe AJ was trying to help one of his fellow AA members that night is highly plausible. Maybe he stops by their house, the person tells him something is wrong, AJ tries to help, the person turns violent, then sobers up and ditches the body...

3. Maybe AJ was the victim of a completely random act of violence, a la Sammy Wheeler. Maybe his alcholism/AA stuff has nothing at all to do with what happened.

4. Then again, maybe the alcoholism IS involved. Maybe AJ fell off the wagon, had some sort of breakdown, and became vulnerable to shady characters he encountered during a bender, and things spiraled downward from there?

5. Like another poster said, I also thought it was weird that his daughter initially believed his body was in the trunk -- that almost seems to indicate AJ may have been involved with gamblers/criminals/etc., or perhaps counseled them at AA meetings.

Definitely one of UM's most underrated cases, in my opinion.
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