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The Dinner Test

The father protects his daughters from different boys by having a test during dinner. He asks them about their future, their records, and anything else to make them seem unfit to take out his daughters. Wendy has a date with a guy that would never pass the test. So she meets a guy named Ed (she makes him be a boy named Bill), who has many sisters, and is a very Catholic boy.

At dinner the father starts off with his usual barage of questions, which Bill is honest and sweet. He even insists upon saying Grace, in Latin. No boy had made it that far so the mother doesn't prepare enough food. Coach Lubbock takes the plate of chicken and asks a very sneaky question...

C.L. "What do you prefer, leg or breast?"
Bill "Wing."

Then at the end of dinner he proposes to celebrate the wonderful dinner with a glass of Sherry (not the daughter). Bill then reminds the coach that he is underage. Coach then says he can take out any of the girls. Marie, Cindy, Connie, and Sherry seem to approve of that idea.

Wendy of course doesn't go out with Bill (Ed). She meets with her real date, who turns out to be horrible.

I hope that helps you.
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