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In a perfect world all news would be good unfortunately it is not a perfect world and bad things happen that the news must report on!! A hurricane, earthquake, tornado, shooting etc. are really a big deal and they must cover it a head of little happy news stories! A hurricane is devastating, people get killed, homes are destroyed, whole towns are destroyed, even a whole country can be destroyed, third world places that don't have the same building codes as here in the U.S., Same and in an earthquake. It is really bad, very sad and devastating! It must be reported and keeping us informed. Even if one doesn't live there, people could have family and friends that do. And we have to know what is going on!

It can get to be a little much and a bit overwhelming, than just turn the channel! Go to a non news cable station or with the invention of the DVD player , we can watch our favorite TV shows and movies if nothing interesting is on cable , but bottom line is there are other options if you don't want to see the coverage of a hurricane or other non pleasant news topics! And you can read sports news and fun human interest stories on the internet!
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