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Originally Posted by LaBestia View Post
Another type of news story that the news makes a big deal over is when a weather emergency or giant type of emergency happens such as a big fire or earthquake. Take for instance every time you turn on the news they focus on Hurricane Dorian and they treat it like it's the hot topic of the town and there should be other stories that should be covered like when Valerie Harper passed away the news stations should've had nice tributes to Valerie Harper and talked about her career but instead focused on Hurricane Dorian the whole week and I do not know why a hurricane is such a big event when all a hurricane is mostly rain and wind. And another thing that surprises me about news is that 99% of it is mostly crime stories and you see very few sports stories and happy stories on any news broadcast and I think the news should save the crime stories for the late night news broadcasts to make room for more interesting stories. Is this becoming a trend in news today?
Yes, people losing their loved ones and homes and businesses to a hurricane is obviously something not to make a big deal out of.
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