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Default Why does the news make a huge deal of stories and turn them into big news stories?

Lately when I have been seeing the news i'm noticing that news stations make a big deal of making a huge story when something small or not terrible happens in countries. Is this because the news channels want to add more exciting news or is it because the news channels want to make more money? Take for instance instead of focusing on 4th Of July celebrations today all the news showed was footage of today's earthquake in California and I couldn't believe it when the earthquake happened the news treated it like it was the end of the world when they should've been talking about 4th Of July. Another thing I notice about news is that they take a story then focus on it for the rest of the newscast and I have never figured it out. For example when a famous celebrity dies the news has a habit of devoting the whole hour to stories about the celebrity and there isn't any time for the other stories. It used to be that when celebrities passed away the news would mention these types of stories after funerals were over and the news would then move on to other news stories. If the news were better then the newscasts would get better ratings and attract a better audience
Do you agree of what today's news has become?
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