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I can't remember any specific story ideas that were turned down.
My jacket story. Ha ha! They bought that one though. Lots of times a writer would come up with a line or a joke and Bob Brunner would just say, "No" in a funny kind of way. Really loud like. Sometimes they would say, "That doesn't fit the character" or "That doesn't fit in with the script" or "I don't think Fonzie would say that" or "That is more of a Potsie line than a Ralph line". Like that....I can't remember the exact lines or stories at the moment. Usually the stories are broke in the beginning of the season. They make what is called "An Ark". The ark of the season or the ark of the show that year. They write each story that they are going to use on a little card and pin that up onto a clip board in the sequence it is to be filmed. Then it is all broken down as to who is going to write it. How much will it cost. Sets, wardrobe, etc etc. There is a science to it. Once the ideas are there and the budgets are approved the scripts are like filling in the blanks.
Everything is changed and rewritten up until the filming and even then some. Sometimes things are added in after. Voice overs. Inserts of say a hand or whatever. It is a constant work until it is fully edited and finalized. Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production.

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