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Default thank you!!!!!!

omg!!! i have you to thank for helping me pass biology! see, back when i was a freshman in high school( a long time ago- 20 years) i failed biology the first time because i found it so boring. well, since i flunked i had 2 options.1) go to summer school or 2) retake the course my sophmore year. i'm sure you guessed which option i picked. anyway, back in the late '70's i use to tape all the shows with my tape recorder. vcr's weren't out yet i don't think. but all i know was we didn't have one. so each tuesday night i would sit in my room, put the recorder up next to the tv, and record while i would watch the show. boy was it hard to record while i held in my laughter just so i wouldn't mess up the tape. ok now to the reason why i have you to thank!!! years after that episode aired and i had it on tape is when i failed the class the first time. when i retook the class i studied hard but still had trouble with tests that covered the anatomy sections. but just before i was about to take my final exam at the end of the school year i remembered this episode with potsie and that i had it taped. the night before the big exam, i found it, put it in the player, put on my earphones, and played it over and over until i fell asleep like i did with other episodes i had. when it came to the time when i had to take the anatomy portion of the exam i just started to tap my feet and hum the song to myself to help me remember what i had learned from listening to potsie's song. of course the boy sitting next to me had no clue to what i was doing and he kept shooting me dirty looks and telling me to quit humming.i PASSED the class. so you see, if you had not written that episode dealing with potsie's difficulty in trying to pass anatomy and then having him come up with a method to help him pass the class i never would have passed either!!! i totally related to that show. i learned alot of things from watching HAPPY DAYS. as i look back now i just wished i had remembered that i had that particular show taped when i was a freshman so then i wouldn't of had to sit through another year of that subject. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! again
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