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I don't ever remember the actors coming up with story ideas while I was there. I know it has happened. If they did, it came through the director and they didn't get credit. Most everyone is under contract and usually scripts are limited. I know as writers we had to come up with different story lines for each character involving one episode. Like a Joanie smoking show or a Fearless Malph etc. Every actor got at least one episode that they were featured in. Sometimes an actor would come up with a line or a joke. Ron Howard was really good at that. It was then added into the script. Other times they switched lines. It all had to be approved by the producers first. I remember Donny Most wanting the writers to do an episode where he was serious and not funny.
Most of the time if there were any ideas or changes it would have to go from the actor to the director to the producer to the writers.
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