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Originally posted by David77
I worked from 10am to noon. Two hour lunch. 2pm to 6pm.
Wednesday night until 9pm or 10pm with a dinner. Friday night was the show. That went late.

I am not sure what the actors did during the week. They had rehearsals. I usually only saw them on Monday mornings to read the new scripts and Friday nights when they filmed the show. Sometimes at lunch they'd be walking around the lot. There were basketball games. Like that. Writers and actors are two separate camps.
Cool. Too bad the actors didnt really hang out with the writers. Ohh!! I have a question!!

Did the actors ever talk to writers or producers about their OWN story-line ideas?? I know on the Brady Bunch Greg (Barry Williams) wanted to get into a fistfight...with his TV Dad!! and Jan (Eve Plumb) wanted more serious story-lines.
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