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Good points, all. IMO, the dropoff between Seasons 1 and 2 and (at least) seasons 3 and 4 is quite drastic (I haven't watched S5-7 yet) but I could see as to where a casual viewer would lose interest after Season 2. Could it be that's why the DVD releases stop at Season 2?

Don't get me wrong, overall I like it, and it's a good show.

However, it goes from fantastic (S1-2) to ?? in Season 3 - why? Same characters, things were mixed up a little, but seems the plots got weaker, or something.

Individually, I thought the loss of the Marcy character was huge - she and Benson played so well off of each other and could lean on each other as the "voice of reason" amongst the other quirky characters.

As far as the (S1) Taylor for (S2 onward) Clayton swap, I'd have to say while Taylor was also a great character, that Clayton was a classic and improved the show.

Pete - also a good character and I thought he added a lot as well.

Possibly the move from the "Head of Household Affairs" to state budget director wasn't the best. Although I could understand that it opened up new situations, the show seemed to work better and make more sense with Benson in the earlier role as head of household affairs - he had legitimate reason to interface with Kraus, the governor, Marcy, etc. and sort of tie everyone together.

Also, I think the show suffered from being too main character-centric. Of course, I know the show is named "Benson" but as the show matured, it may have worked better to let it become more of an ensemble. Such as - maybe just once, Clayton gets the better of Benson, or just once, someone other than Benson solves the problem of the day. At times, it seemed like Katie preferred Benson to her own father.

But, back on topic, I could see as to where someone would peter out by season 4 if watching in syndication. I don't think there's a huge nostalgia factor with this show as with some others and some of those Benson episodes end up so far off topic (Season 4 opener for instance - the murder on the yacht) it doesn't even seem to make sense in relation to what the show itself is actually about.

Overall, I think the bottom line - it was good, but it could have been much better after S2. Irrespective of all this, the remaining seasons should be released on DVD.
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