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Found this today, seems like an article published shortly after he was found:

Houston Chronicle
November 10, 1985

Index Terms:

Family awaiting word on fate of missing man


Article Text:
Family and neighbors of Edward Gerald Baker were keeping an anxious vigil Saturday as they waited to learn whether a body found in the burned-out hulk of Baker's car was that of the missing investment broker.
The unidentified body, along with a second body found a short distance away, was discovered Friday in a field about two miles north of Katy. The second body, that of a man wearing handcuffs, was found a few hundred yards from the first.
Neither of the bodies had been identified Saturday and Harris County Sheriff's Department officials said they did not yet know whether the deaths were related.
Baker, 52, the owner and president of Vanguard Groups International Inc. in Houston, was reported missing early Thursday morning when he did not show up for work and a gardener noticed that a window in his home had been broken. Baker's 1984 Jaguar and his shotgun also were reported missing.
On Friday morning, the Jaguar was discovered by several farmers in a field near Stockdick and Porter and was later identified as the one belonging to Baker. The body found inside the car was so badly burned it was impossible to determine immediately either the sex or the cause of death, Homicide Detective Ronnie Phillips said.
On Saturday afternoon, friends and family gathered at Baker's home in the 15000 block of Margeson in northwest Harris County, waiting with his wife, children and stepchildren for any news.
Stepdaughter Lisha Hoff said Saturday that the family would have no comment. But before turning to walk back into the house she said of her stepfather, "He was a great and wonderful man."
Neighbors made similar comments, although none interviewed said they knew Baker very well. Most said they only knew him in connection with his love for roses, which resulted in his gift to the neighborhood of a rose garden across the street from his home.
Neighbor Alice Chapa said she knew neither of the Bakers well but described him as a friendly man, who often worked in his garden.
Others had similar words. "We would wave at each other," Susan Clayton said. "He was always real nice, real friendly. He seemed to be home a lot during the day."
"He's a really friendly man. We're grateful for what he's done for our neighborhood," added Rosanne Berry.
Baker's garden, where roses of all sizes, shapes and shades create a profusion of color and fragrance, was featured on the cover of the September, 1985 issue of "Houston Home and Garden." In 1982, Baker bought the vacant lot across from his home and - doing much of the work himself - built a wooden gazebo, gravel paths and a picket fence. He installed a fountain and lights, then planted more than 150 varieties of roses, opening the garden to the public in 1983.
Homicide Detective Ronnie Phillips said Saturday that Baker apparently had serious financial problems, although Phillips said he did not know whether that might be a factor in his disappearance.
"We understand that he had a lot of investors in his company and owed large sums of money. We heard that his company has been losing money and that the investors had been hollering," the detective said.
Officials with Baker's company, an investment brokerage firm specializing in the real estate and oil business, could not be reached for comment Saturday.
Phillips also said Baker's wife had told authorities that her husband had received death threats before his disappearance Thursday.
Phillips said the gardener who discovered Baker's disappearance said that the telephone in Baker's bedroom had been knocked off a table and that an ashtray had been overturned on the floor.
"His shotgun was missing," Phillips said. "But his jacket with a wallet, $900 in cash and his credit cards were lying across a chair in the living room. It didn't appear to be a robbery. The house was not ransacked."
The body and Baker's car were discovered about 9:15 a.m. Friday. Inside the car were the remains of a shotgun, a .32-caliber pistol and three cans that bore traces of a flammable liquid. Baker's wife told authorities her husband always carried the pistol with him, Phillips said.
The second body, that of a man in his 20s, was discovered about 5 p.m. Friday by a wrecker driver. The victim, who was wearing only a shirt and handcuffs and his skull appeared to have been crushed, officials said.
Phillips said Saturday that dental records for Baker were being collected to aid in identification. An identification was unlikely to be made before Monday when lab tests were expected to be completed.
I find it a little interesting that the only people who confirmed Baker was receiving death threats were his wife and Baker himself--to our knowledge, anyway.

I would love to see any photos of the home (and probably never will), but the broken window/overturned ashtray/knocked-over phone combo in conjunction with the fact that by all accounts, the house didn't appear to be in disarray otherwise might be suggestive of a staging attempt.
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