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Originally Posted by DarkDante
For what it's worth from the first time I saw the Ladner case (years after I saw the Ives & Henry case) I always thought the two were somehow related although not necessarily part of the same drug drop/operation deal. I think all three boys wandered upon something that they weren't supposed to see and were murdered as a result.

The suicide theory with Norman Ladner never resonated in any way with me. If anything it was an accident which obviously remains a possibility given Norman's relative young age, although as it has been pointed out, youths in Norman's area of the United States are far more experienced handling guns than perhaps we would believe at first blush.

Heck I remember it being reported that the deaths of Ives/Henry were first going to be reported as suicides but it was decided to list their death as accidental due to intoxication because it was felt that the local public would not accept a ruling of suicide in the case of those two boys.

Needless to say I don't see suicide as being much of a possibility in either of these cases.
I currently lean toward your theory--the boys were all murdered for the same reason, but the operations were different. While the activity in the Ives/Henry case was known and protected by LE, I'm not sure this was necessarily the case with Norman Ladner. I think the protection and coverup in the latter came AFTER the fact, as opposed to LE having an eye on it from the very beginning. Every single thing I have read on the case in discussions and theories between Pearl River Co locals points directly to Sheriff Lumpkin perpetrating a coverup, allegedly to protect either himself (apparently he was involved in illegal activities himself, having participated in a ****-fighting ring. It appears he also impeded a murder investigation just over the river in Slidell, LA for unknown reasons) or someone he knew. Lumpkin died in 2007.

There is also frequent mention of the so-called Dixie Mafia being involved. Both Mississippi and Louisiana are traditional DM hotbeds, so I suppose it's a viable possibility.

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