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We'll have timeslots for the regular airings tomorrow on the blog...but here are the marathon episodes:

Sunday, April 1, 2012
10:00 am "Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: ""Love is All Around"": (1970)
Jilted by her fiancÚ, Mary Richards moves to Minneapolisand starts eventually winds up Associate Producer of The Six O'Clock News, and befriends her new neighbor, Rhoda Morgenstern, with whom she is initially at odds."

10:30 am "Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: ""Today I Am a Ma'am"": (1970)
Mary is upset because she is outside the 15-29 demographic group, which the news channel considers young. However, she really cannot believe it when the mailroom boy calls her Ma am."

11:00 am "Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: ""Bess, You is My Daughter Now"": (1970)
When Phyllis's husband, Lars, takes ill, she asks Mary to babysit Bess for a few days. However, Phyllis is heartbroken when she discovers that Bess wants to stay with Mary forever."

11:30 am "Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: ""Divorce Isn't Everything"": (1970)
Mary and Rhoda find out that divorcees at the Better Luck Next Time club can get group rates on charter flights to Paris and decide to join. However, Mary proves a hit with the club's members and gets elected to its board."

Noon "Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: ""Keep Your Guard Up"": (1970)
A football player turned insurance salesman applies for a job as a sportscaster and attaches himself to Mary. Mary and Rhoda discover that he hasn't had much success at anything and encourage him to pursue his dreams."

12:30 pm "Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: ""Support Your Local Mother"": (1970)
Rhoda's mother, Ida, comes visiting and Rhoda refuses to see her. Ida stays with Mary but drives her crazy."

1:00 pm "Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: ""Toulouse-Lautrec is One of My Favorite Artists"": (1970)
Mary begins seeing an author who appeared as a guest on WJM-TV's Scrutiny, and becomes extremely self-conscious after discovering he is several inches shorter than she is."

1:30 pm "Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: ""The Snow Must Go On"": (1970)
A snowstorm leaves Mary producing her first program, broadcasting the results of the local elections. The show has to remain on until a winner is declared -- and no word is received at the newsroom."

2:00 pm "Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: ""Bob & Rhoda & Teddy & Mary"": (1970)
Mary is nominated for her first Television Editors' Award (the ""Teddies""), but at home Rhoda's boyfriend Bob takes more of an interest in Mary than in Rhoda."

2:30 pm "Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: ""Assistant Wanted, Female"": (1970)
Mary's workload gets too much so Lou allows her to hire an assistant. She chooses Phyllis who hinders more than she helps."

3:00 pm "Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: ""1040 or Fight"": (1970)
Mary is audited by the IRS, and the shy auditor takes an interest in her. Unfortunately, he has great difficulty telling her how he feels."

3:30 pm "Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: ""Anchorman Overboard"": (1970)
Ted loses his self-confidence after speaking at Phyllis's club and Mary has to find a way to get Ted back on a high."

4:00 pm "Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: ""He's All Yours"": (1970)
After Mary invites Lou's nephew home for dinner, she must confront false rumors in the newsroom the following day."

4:30 pm "Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: ""Christmas and the Hard Luck Kid"": (1970)
Feeling sympathetic for a co-worker who hasn't spent Christmas with his family for years, Mary is forced to stay alone at WJM-TV on Christmas Eve."

5:00 pm "Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: ""Howard's Girl"": (1971)
Mary begins seeing Paul Arnell, the brother of her former boyfriend Howard Arnell, and is shocked to discover that the brothers' parents still believe that she and Howard are an item."

5:30 pm "Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: ""Party is Such Sweet Sorrow"": (1971)
Mary gets a tempting offer from a rival television station, but becomes reluctant to leave when her WJM-TV colleagues throw a farewell party for her."

6:00 pm "Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: ""Just a Lunch"": (1971)
Mary reluctantly finds herself romantically involved with a married man."

6:30 pm "Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: ""Second Story Story"": (1971)
Mary's apartment is burgled with only her clothes, stereo and television taken but the next night the whole apartment is cleaned out."

7:00 pm "Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: ""We Closed in Minneapolis"": (1971): Murray's play is finally produced but his happiness is short-lived when he discovers that the leading role will be played by Ted."

7:30 pm "Mary Tyler Moore Show, The: ""Hi!"": (1971)
Mary is admitted into the hospital to have her tonsils removed and shares a room with a grouchy woman who refuses to get along with anyone."

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm "Mary and Rhoda: (2000 movie)
Mary Richards and Rhoda Morgenstern find themselves alone after the death of Mary’s husband and Rhoda’s divorce. Both have relocated to New York City and try to jumpstart their dormant careers and reconnect with their daughters. Stars Mary Tyler Moore and Valerie Harper."
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