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MeTV Network That Girl New Year's Day Marathon

11:00 am That Girl "That Girl" Pilot
"In this test pilot, ann's parents are played by different actors, ted bessell plays don blue sky, her agent who is also her boyfriend. Don thinks that ann should change her name from ann marie to a more suitable stage name. Ann is hesitant because she knows that it would upset her parents, particularly her father. As she predicted, her father becomes very angry and will not speak to her unless she keeps her name. This episode was later changed to include the different actors and characters, an
11:30 am That Girl Don't Just Do Something, Stand There
"Actress ann marie meets magazine writer donald hollinger while filming a commercial in the lobby of his building."
12:00 pm That Girl Good-Bye, Hello, Good-Bye
"Against the wishes of her overprotective father, ann marie leaves her brewster, new york home to live on her own in new york as an aspiring actress."
12:30 pm That Girl Never Change a Diaper on Opening Night
"Ann's audition for an acting workshop is almost ruined when she has to babysit for her neighbor's child."
1:00 pm That Girl "I'll Be Suing You"
"A pedestrian pushing a sewing machine runs into donald's new car and attempts to sue ann."
1:30 pm That Girl Anatomy of a Blunder
"On the way to meet ann's parents for the first time, donald and ann experience several mishaps."
2:00 pm That Girl Rich Little Rich Kid
"Donald tries to compete with ann's wealthy new suitor. In the end, ann confirms that donald is the beau for her."
2:30 pm That Girl Help Wanted
"Against his better judgment, donald hires ann as his temporary secretary."
3:00 pm That Girl Little Auction Annie
"After buying a box of junk at an auction, ann notices a strange man pursuing her for one of the items in the box."
3:30 pm That Girl Time for Arrest
"In a flashback, ann tells donald how she came to be arrested while wearing a skimpy leopard-print cave-girl outfit."
4:00 pm That Girl Break a Leg
"When ann's school friend wins a role on broadway, ann is thrilled to be named her understudy."
4:30 pm That Girl What's in a Name?
"Ann's parents are very unhappy when her agent convinces her to change her professional name (same story as the pilot episode)."
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