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Tuesday, November 10
7pm Snow
9pm Snow 2 Brain Freeze

Wednesday, November 11
7pm Santa, Jr.
9pm Snowglobe

Thursday, November 12
7:30pm The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Friday, November 13
8pm Annie

Saturday, November 14
7:30am The Prince & Me
10am The Prince & Me II: The Royal Wedding
12pm The Prince & Me: Holiday Honeymoon
2pm The Wedding Singer
4pm Ella Enchanted
6pm Nanny McPhee
8pm Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
10:30pm The Wedding Singer

Sunday, November 15
9:30am Stuart Little 2
11:30am The Little Rascals
1:30pm Ella Enchanted
3:30pm Nanny McPhee
5:30pm Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
8pm Meet the Robinsons (ABC FAMILY PREMIERE)
10pm Meet the Robinsons

Monday, November 16
6pm Eloise at Christmastime
8pm A Dennis the Menace Christmas

Tuesday, November 17
6pm Richie Rich's Christmas Wish

Wednesday, November 18
7pm Gotta Catch Santa Claus (TV PREMIERE)
8pm Lilo & Stitch (ABC FAMILY PREMIERE)

Thursday, November 19
7pm Christmas Caper
9pm A Carol Christmas

Friday, November 20
7pm Santa Who?
9pm I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Saturday, November 21
8am A Chance of Snow
10am Santa Who?
12pm Stealing Christmas
2pm The Christmas Box
4pm The Christmas Secret
6pm The Christmas Wish (ABC FAMILY PREMIERE)
8pm Once Upon a Christmas
10pm Twice Upon a Christmas
12am The Christmas Wish

Sunday, November 22
8am Christmas in Boston
10am Picking Up & Dropping Off
12pm Three Days
2pm Christmas Do-Over
4pm Chasing Christmas
6pm Santa Baby
8pm Holiday in Handcuffs
10pm Snowglobe

Monday, November 23
7pm A Holiday to Remember
9pm Unlikely Angel

Tuesday, November 24
7pm Holly and Hal Moose: Our Uplifting Christmas Adventure (TV PREMIERE)
8pm Hercules

Wednesday, November 25
7pm Sons of Mistletoe
9pm The Christmas List

Thursday, November 26 (Thanksgiving)
7am To Grandmother's House We Go
12pm The Little Rascals
2pm Hercules
4pm Santa, Jr.
6pm I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
8pm Miracle on 34th Street
10:30pm America's Funniest Home Videos (1/2 hour)

Friday, November 27
7am Little Rascals
11am Hercules
1pm Garfield
3pm Curious George
5pm A Dennis the Menace Christmas
7pm Tarzan
9pm Aladdin

Saturday, November 28
7am Annie
10am Holly and Hal Moose: Our Uplifting Christmas Adventure
11am Richie Rich
1pm Richie Rich's Christmas Wish
3pm Tarzan
5pm Aladdin
7pm A Boy Named Charlie Brown
9pm Snoopy Come Home
11pm The Wedding Planner (ABC FAMILY PREMIERE)

Sunday, November 29
8am Richie Rich
10am A Boy Named Charlie Brown
12pm Snoopy Come Home
2pm Once Upon a Christmas
4pm Twice Upon a Christmas
6pm Home Alone 4
8pm The Dog Who Saved Christmas (ABCFAMILY ORIGINAL MOVIE)
10pm The Dog Who Saved Christmas

Monday, November 30
7pm The Dog Who Saved Christmas
9pm Naughty or Nice (ABC FAMILY PREMIERE)
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