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ABC 2009 Upfront Presentation Recap:

* Music from the ABC Music Lounge is playing while we wait! Good songs from shows like Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty and Brothers & Sisters!
* 3:14PM Started with an Intro video of ABC shows with Jimmy Kimmel introducing during the clip
* 3:16PM Anne Sweeney, Co-Chair Disney, President Disney-ABC TV Group ... television is the strongest medium still, VOD, Hulu,, etc...Ad Lab ads on Jimmy Kimmel Live...Jimmy/Anne pre-taped message
* 3:23PM some reels of ads shown
* 3:24PM Mike Shaw, President of Sales & Marketing on ABC ... lots of facts and stuff...he knows his stuff.
* 3:30PM First act of Flash Forward shown!! WOW!!! GREAT stuff!
* 3:42PM Steve McPherson, President of ABC Entertainment ... starts by discussing Flash Forward...reaching viewers on every platform...He discusses the schedule
* 3:49PM clips: Lost final chapter promo, ABC House promo (Hatcher, Fox), Drama clips: The Forgotten, Eastwick, Happy Town, The Deep End, V; ABC House promo (Field, Kimmel)
* 4:08PM Jimmy Kimmel...hilarious! great jokes and knocks at NBC. Kimmel says don't trust anyone but Mike Shaw, lol! Everyone is full of ****! LOL!!
* 4:14PM ABC House Promo...Comedy clips: Hank, The Middle, Cougar Town
* 4:24PM Modern Family pilot!!! - this is HILARIOUS!!! Got lots of laughs from the audience especially at the dad (Julie Bowen's husband on the show)
* 4:48PM The End! Back to the Music Lounge!
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