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ME-Too Summer Schedule

Effective Monday, June 30, 2008

7:00am America's Funniest Home Videos (replaces Dennis the Menace)
7:30am Green Screen Adventures (replaces Father Knows Best)
8:00am Paid Programming
9:00am Saved By the Bell (EI)
9:30am Webster
10:00am Gimme a Break! (replaces Monkees)
10:30am What's Happening!! (replaces Partridge Family)
11:00am Green Acres (replaces I Love Lucy)
11:30am Gilligan's Island (replaces I Love Lucy)
12:00pm The Munsters (replaces Facts of Life)
12:30pm Mr. Ed (replaces Who’s the Boss)
1:00pm Gomer Pyle (replaces Eight is Enough)
1:30pm McHale's Navy (replaces Eight is Enough cont)
2:00pm Gunsmoke (replaces Cagney & Lacey)
3:00pm Maverick (replaces Magnum P.I.)
4:00pm Rawhide (replaces 21 Jump Street)
5:00pm The Wild Wild West (replaces The A-Team)
6:00pm Star Trek (replaces Hogan’s Heroes)
7:00pm Me-Too Classic Movie (replaces Star Trek and Wild Wild West)
9:00pm Carson's Comedy Classics (replaces Maverick)
9:30pm I Love Lucy (replaces Maverick cont.)
10:00pm The Twilight Zone
10:30pm Night Gallery
11:00pm Alfred Hitchcock Presents
11:30pm Burns & Allen (replaces All In the Family)
12:00am Jack Benny Show (replaces Jeffersons)
12:30am NewsRadio (replaces That’s My Mama)
1:00am One Step Beyond (replaces Carson’s Comedy Classics)
1:30am Paid Program (replaces Burns & Allen)
2:00am 4 Star Playhouse
2:30am Ozzie and Harriet (replaces One Step Beyond)

5:00am America's Funniest Home Videos (replaces Flying Nun)
5:30am Paid Programming
7:30am 26 N Halsted
8:00am Daktari
9:00am Rawhide (replaces That’s My Mama 2x)
10:00am Maverick replaces What’s Happening!!/Gimme A Break!)
11:00am Eight is Enough (replaces The Munsters 2x)
12:00pm Eight is Enough (replaces Hogan’s Heroes 2x)
1:00pm Me-Too Classic Movie (replaces McHale’s Navy/Sgt. Bilko)
3:00pm Petticoat Junction (replaces Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C)
3:30pm Petticoat Junction (replaces Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C)
4:00pm Green Acres
4:30pm Green Acres
5:00pm Beverly Hillbillies
5:30pm Beverly Hillbillies
6:00pm The Munsters
6:30pm The Munsters
7:00pm Square Pegs
7:30pm Saved By the Bell
8:00pm Silver Spoons
8:30pm Facts of Life
9:00pm Brady Bunch
9:30pm Brady Bunch
10:00pm Partridge Family
10:30pm Monkees
11:00pm Mork & Mindy
11:30pm Laverne & Shirley
12:00am Family Ties
12:30am Patty Duke
1:00am Family Affair
1:30am Gidget
2:00am The Lucy Show
2:30am Love American Style
3:00am Laverne & Shirley (replaces Flying Nun)
3:30am Laverne & Shirley (repalces Flying Nun)
4:00am Patty Duke
4:30am Johnny Sokko

5:00am Cartoons
6:00am Little Rascals
7:00am Johnny Sokko
7:30am Johnny Sokko
8:00am Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew
9:00am Voyagers
10:00am Lost In Space
11:00am Incedible Hulk
12:00pm Buck Rogers
1:00pm Battlestar Galactica
2:00am Greatest American Hero
3:00pm Knight Rider
4:00pm Green Hornet
5:00pm Batman
6:00pm Adventures of Superman
7:00pm Outer Limits
8:00pm Thriller
9:00pm Alfred Hitchcock Hour
10:00pm Twilight Zone Hour
11:00pm The Fugitive
12:00am Naked City
1:00am Peter Gunn
1:30am Mr. Lucky
2:00am One Step Beyond
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