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Just saw Fox's upfront presentation. Here is an outline of what happened:

2008 Fox Upfront
* Starts 4:12pm with Video Intro of returning and new series
* Stars of Fox on stage announced at 4:14
* Bones stars talk and introduce Jon Nesvig at 4:16
* Jon Nesvig, Fox President of Sales 4:17
* Peter Ligouri, Fox Chairman 4:26...Jon comes back for a few seconds at 4:31 to elaborate
* Kevin Reilly, Fox Entertainment President 4:32...Introduced Fox Remote Free campaign
- Clips of Fringe (seems like Lost...but not on an island...eerie similarities otherwise, as it comes from J.J.) and Dollhouse
- Goes over schedules: summer, Fall premiere week Aug 25, Fall schedule night by night, Clip of sitcom Do Not Distrub, Mid-season development (Lie to Me, Courtroom K creator interview clips for both, both or one will make it mid-season, still in development)
- Kiefer Sutherland comes to talk about 24 and the prequel at 4:55, clip of season 7 of 24 shown at 4:58
- Reilly returns at 5:00 to continue, several contenders for post Idol comedy (Boldy Going Nowhere and Outnumbered are a few, still in production, but Outnumbered just finished, and a clip of it is shown..very Malcolmy), reality series Secret Millionaire clip shown (seems too nice for Fox), Sit Down Shutup cast & interview clip, The Cleveland Show clip with Cleveland specialized for upfront
* Concludes with So You Think You Can Dance winners dancing at 5:18
Ends 5:20pm

Off to the party...
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