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New Schedule for The N starting Monday, April 7, 2008:

6:00 AM Caitlin's Way
6:30 AM Radio Free Roscoe
7:00 AM All That
7:30 AM Romeo
8:00 AM Kenan & Kel
8:30 AM Just Jordan
9:00 AM One on One
9:30 AM One on One
10:00 AM One on One
10:30 AM Moesha
11:00 AM Moesha
11:30 AM Moesha
Noon Growing Pains
12:30 PM Growing Pains
1:00 PM Clueless
1:30 PM Clueless
2:00 PM Clueless
2:30 PM Clueless
3:00 PM Instant Star
3:30PM Instant star
4:00 PM The Brothers Garcia
4:30 PM The Brothers Garcia
5:00 PM Kenan & Kel
5:30 PM Kenan & Kel
6:00 PM Zoey 101
6:30 PM Zoey 101

7:00 PM Saved by the Bell
7:30 PM Saved by the Bell
8:00 PM Kenan & Kel
8:30 PM Kenan & Kel
9:00 PM Fresh Prince
9:30 PM Fresh Prince
10:00 PM Zoey 101
10:30 PM Zoey 101
11:00 PM Saved by the Bell
11:30 PM Saved by the Bell
12:00 AM Fresh Prince
12:30 AM Fresh Prince
1:00-3:00AM Kenan & Kel (Mon); Fresh Prince (Tues); One on One (Wed); Degrassi (Thurs)
3:00 AM Moesha
3:30 AM Moesha
4:00 AM The Hills
4:30 AM Laguna Beach
5:00 AM Dawson's Creek

7:00PM-6:00AM Degrassi

6:00AM Radio Free Roscoe (Sat); Instant Star (Sun)
6:30AM Radio Free Roscoe (Sat); Instant Star (Sun)
7:00AM Radio Free Roscoe (Sat); Instant Star (Sun)
7:30AM Radio Free Roscoe (Sat); Instant Star (Sun)
8:00AM Unfabulous
8:30AM Unfabulous
9:00AM Brothers Garcia
9:30AM Brothers Garcia
10:00AM Zoey 101
10:30AM Zoey 101
11:00AM Instant Star
11:30AM Instant Star
12:00PM Brothers Garcia
12:30PM Brothers Garcia
1:00PM-4:00PM TEENick
4:00PM Saved by the Bell
4:30PM Saved by the Bell
5:00PM Zoey 101
5:30PM Zoey 101
6:00PM-12:30AM Degrassi
12:30AM-3:00AM One on One (Sat); Fresh Prince (Sun)
3:00AM Degrassi (Sat); Sabrina, The Teenage Witch (Sun)
3:30AM Degrassi (Sat); Sabrina, The Teenage Witch (Sun)
4:00AM Degrassi (Sat); The Hills (Sun)
4:30AM Degrassi (Sat); Laguna Beach (Sun)
5:00AM Degrassi (Sat); Dawson's Creek (Sun)
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