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Marathon episodes:

- Diff'rent Strokes Star-Studded Marathon
Sunday, April 6, 2008
1:00pm-9:00pm ET/PT
Join Arnold and Willis and the rest of the family as they welcome in special guests such as LaWanda Page and Whitman Mayo (Aunt Esther and Grady of Sanford & Son), Janet Jackson, Muhammad Ali, Forest Whitaker, Robin Givens, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Mr. T!

1:00PM #112 "The Relative" (LaWanda Page guest-stars)
1:30PM #201 "Arnold's Hero" (Muhammad Ali guest-stars)
2:00PM #206 "The Adoption (Part 1)" (Whitman Mayo guest-stars)
2:30PM #207 "The Adoption (Part 2)" (Whitman Mayo guest-stars)
3:00PM #311 "First Love" (Janet Jackson guest-stars)
3:30PM #408 "Jilted" (Janet Jackson guest-stars)
4:00PM #414 "The Car" (Janet Jackson guest-stars)
4:30PM #424 "Short But Sweet" (Janet Jackson guest-stars)
5:00PM #502 "In the Swim" (Janet Jackson guest-stars)
5:30PM #505 "Substitute Teacher" (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar guest-stars)
6:00PM #507 "Older Woman" (Janet Jackson and Shari Belafonte guest-star)
6:30PM #606 "Mr. T & Mr. T" (Mr. T guest-stars)
7:00PM #612 "The Housegueset" (Janet Jackson guest-stars)
7:30PM #802 "Bully For Arnold" (Forest Whitaker guest stars)
8:00PM #808 "A Tale of Two Teachers" (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar guest stars)
8:30PM #817 "The Big Bribe" (Robin Givens guest-stars)
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