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Originally Posted by pavanbadal

Effective September 10, 2007

5:00AM Good Day Wake-Up
6:00AM Good Day First-Edition
7:00AM Good Day New York
9:00AM Morning Show with Mike & Juliet
10:00AM Montel Williams
11:00AM Fox5 Live
11:30AM Inside Edition
12:00PM TMZ TV (2nd run)
12:30PM Divorce Court (3rd run)
1:00PM Cristina's Court
1:30PM Cristina's Court (2nd run)
2:00PM Judge Alex
2:30PM Judge Alex (2nd run)
3:00PM Judge Hatchett
3:30PM Judge Hatchett (2nd run)
4:00PM The People's Court
5:00PM Fox5 News at 5
6:00PM Fox5 News at 6
7:00PM The Simpsons
7:30PM Seinfeld
8:00PM Fox Primetime
10:00PM Fox5 News at 10
11:00PM Seinfeld (2nd run)
11:30PM Scrubs (2nd run)
12:00AM The Simpsons
12:30AM Scrubs
1:00AM That '70s Show
1:30AM That '70s Show
2:00AM Paid Programming
4:00AM Cristina's Court (3rd run)
4:30AM Still Standing (2nd run)

Not sure yet if any further changes will be made week of Sept. 17 or beyond, but this looks like that will be all. Weekends will not have a change the week of Sept. 10.
OK the weekday schedule will remain the same for week of Sept. 17. Weekends will have one change:

Saturdays, starting Sept. 22
7:00AM Saved by the Bell (replaces Awesome Adventures 2nd run)

I forgot to mention these weekend shows that are leaving:

Leaving After Sept. 8/9: Comics Unleashed and Outer Limits
Leaving After Sept. 15/16: Alias (movies/MASH will replace both of its slots)

There will be minor weekend changes for the following weeks until everything premieres. So I'll keep you up to date.

Still no sign of Baywatch in NYC. JTC, is that starting weekend of Sept. 29/30 or something?
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