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WPIX's Fall 2007 Schedule

Effective Monday, September 10, 2007, unless noted:

5:00A CW11 News @ 5a
5:30A CW11 News @ 5:30a
6:00A CW11 Morning News
9:00A Judge Mathis (S) (Effective Aug. 13)
10:00A Maury Povich
11:00A Jerry Springer
12:00N Steve Wilkos
1:00P Judge Lopez (P)
1:30P Judge Lopez (S)
2:00P Judge Mathis (P)
3:00P All of Us (Effective Sept. 24)
3:30P What I Like About You
4:00P Reba
4:30P Reba
5:00P My Wife & Kids
5:30P According to Jim
6:00P Friends (P)
6:30P Everybody Loves Raymond (P)
7:00P Two & a Half Men (P)
7:30P Family Guy (P)
8:00P The CW Primetime
10:00P CW News at Ten
11:00P Family Guy (S)
11:30P Two & a Half Men (S)
12:00M Everybody Loves Raymond (S)
12:30A Sex & the City
1:00A Friends (S)
1:30A Will & Grace
2:00A Frasier
2:30A George Lopez
3:00A South Park (P)
3:30A South Park (S)
4:00A Reno 911
4:30A Jury Duty (Effective Sept. 17)

7:00AM WB Kids on the CW
12:00PM My Wife & Kids
12:30PM According to Jim
1:00PM Afternoon Movie
3:00PM Afternoon Movie
5:00PM Friends (P)
5:30PM Friends (S)
6:00PM Will & Grace (P)
6:30PM Will & Grace (S)
7:00PM Two & a Half Men (P)
7:30PM Everybody Loves Raymond (P)
8:00PM American Idol Rewind (P)
9:00PM American Idol Rewind (s)
10:00PM CW11 News at Ten
11:00PM Family Guy (P)
11:30PM South Park
12:00AM Chappelle's Show (P)
12:30AM Chappelle's Show (S)
1:00AM The Shield
2:00AM Soul Train

10:00AM George Lopez (P)
10:30AM Degrassi: NG (M) (effective Sept. 9)
11:00AM Degrassi: NG (Tu) (effective Sept. 9)
11:30AM Degrassi: NG (W) (effective Sept. 9)
12:00PM Degrassi: NG (Th) (effective Sept. 9)
12:30PM Degrassi: NG (F) (effective Sept. 9)
1:00PM Afternoon Movie
3:00PM Afternoon Movie
5:00PM The CW Encores
7:00PM The CW Primetime
10:00PM CW11 News at Ten
11:00PM Family Guy (S)
11:30PM Two & a Half Men (S)
12:00AM Sex & the City (P)
12:30AM Sex & the City (S)
1:00AM Everybody Loves Raymond (S)
1:30AM George Lopez (S)
2:00AM Late Late Movie
4:00AM Jury Duty (Effective Sept. 23)
4:30AM Jury Duty (Effective Sept. 23)

More details and answers on today's blog. So stay tuned!
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