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my trade list:

10 Items or Less - 21 eps on 3 disks (complete series)
20 Good Years - 4 aired eps only on 1 disk
30 Rock (currently recording) - 8 eps/disk - all aired eps
Afterlife (currently recording) - 3 eps/disk have series 1 complete
Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan - 16 eps on 3 disks (complete series) - NOT IN ORDER
Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan - 16 eps on 2 disks (complete series) - reauthored, in order
Andy Barker P.I. - 6 eps/1 disk (complete series - aired episodes)
Arrested Development - 53 eps on 7 disks, 8 eps/disk (complete series)
Ashes to Ashes (currently recording) - 5 eps on 2 disks, continuation of Life On Mars UK series - BBCAmerica D/C 53min/ep, includes all Inside specials
Astro and the Space Mutts - 11 shorts on 1 disk (complete series)
Batman - the Brave and the Bold - 7 eps/disk all aired eps
Benson (currently recording) - about 145 eps on 15 disks - NOT IN ORDER - (157 eps total in series)
Big Bang Theory (currently recording) - 8 eps/disk, all aired eps
Big Day - 11 eps on 2 disks (complete series)
Blood Ties (complete series) - 22 eps on 6 disks
Bones (currently recording, all aired eps) - 4 eps/disk
Bosom Buddies (currently recording) - about 30 eps on 6 disks (38 eps in series), some episodes in MONO
Burn Notice (currently recording, all aired eps) - 4 eps/disk
Clatterford - 7 eps on 2 disks (complete first series)
Celebrity Paranormal Project - 8 eps on 2 disks, complete series
the Class - 8 eps/disk, complete series
The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley - 13 eps on 2 disks (complete series)
Corner Gas (currently recording) - 7 eps/disk, all WGN aired eps (88 so far)
Dead Famous (currently recording) - 25 eps on 6 disks (28 eps total in series SO FAR) *MISSING - 3 Live in L.A. specials
Duck Dodgers in the 24th & 1/2 Century - 39 eps on 6 disks (complete series)
Dynomutt Dog Wonder - 20 episodes on 2 disks
Eleventh Hour (UK series starring Patrick Stewart) - 4 eps on 2 disks (complete series) each ep is about 90 minutes
Eleventh Hour (US series) (complete series) - 18 eps on 3 disks (all aired eps)
Eureka (currently recording) - 4 eps/disk (all eps aired so far)
Freaky Links (complete series) - 13 eps on 5 disks
Freddy's Nightmares (complete series) - 4 eps/disk, 44 eps on 11 disks
Gene Simmons' Family Jewels - 130+ eps on 20 disks (ends may be short a couple of seconds in some episodes), currently recording new eps
Ghost Whisperer (complete series) - 4 eps/disk (season 1 and some eps from TNT/Lifetime)
HeeHaw - various episodes, about 10 shown on CMT
Heroes (complete series) - 4 eps/disk all aired eps
Hex (currently recording) - 4 eps/disk, have everything but the special "making of"
Hogan Family (currently recording) - 48 eps so far, 8/disk (110 eps total in series)
Instant Star - (currently recording) - 8 eps/disk *missing only #14 (behind the scenes special)
Jake 2.0 - 16 eps on 4 disks (complete series)
Justice League (1967 6-minute shorts) - all 16 eps on 1 disk
Karen Sisco - 10 eps on 2 disks (complete series) (also have in higher quality on 3 disks)
Knights of Prosperity (currently recording) - 8 eps/disk MISSING unaired episodes *I acquired #2 from someone else, and I need to reauthor my set
Kolchak the Night Stalker - 16 eps on 4 disks (original series - SciFi airings, 20 eps in series)
Kyle XY (currently recording) - all aired eps so far, 4 eps/disk
In Plain Sight - 4 eps/disk (complete series)
Legion of Superheroes (currently recording) - 8 eps/disk all aired eps so far, MISSING #21
Life On Mars (UK series)- 16 eps on 5 disks (complete series)
The Loop - 10 season 2 eps on 2 disks
Lost Room - 3 eps on 2 disks (complete miniseries)
The New Scooby Doo Movies - unreleased eps : #3,6,7,8,13,14,18,19,20 on 3 disks ("The Rest of the New Scooby Do Movies")
My Boys - 8 eps/disk (complete series)
My Hero - (currently recording) 6 eps/disk - have up to series 5
My Name is Earl - (complete series) 8 eps/disk, some episodes from TBS
Nightmares & Dreamscapes - 8 eps on 2 disks (complete series)
Nightstalker (2005) - 10 eps on 3 disks (complete series)
NUMB3RS (complete series) - 4 eps/disk (first two seasons from TNT)
NY-LON - 7 eps on 2 disks (complete series)
Painkiller Jane - all aired eps, 4 eps/disk (complete series)
Pepper Dennis - 9 eps on 2 disks (13 eps total in series) - missing some eps
Psych - 4 eps/disk, all eps aired so far - currently recording new eps
Pushing Daisies - 4 eps/disk *missing ep #6, 11
Raines - 4 eps/disk complete series
Robin Hood (BBC America) - 4 eps/disk complete series
Scott Baio is 45 ...and Single - 8 eps on one disk
Scott Baio is 46 ...and Pregnant - 10 eps on 2 disks
The Search for the Next Elvira - 4 eps on 1 disk (complete series)
Shark (currently recording) - 4 eps/disk - missing #'s 26, 34
Smith - eps# 2,3,4
Spaced - 14 eps on 2 disks (complete series)
Sorts Show with Norm MacDonald - complete series on 1 disk
The Superfriends (Wendy & Marvin eps) - 16 eps on 4 disks
The Ropers - 5 eps from TVLand marathon
Thank God You're Here - 4 eps/disk (complete series)
Three's A Crowd - 6 eps from TVLand marathon
Three's Company - pilot 1 & 2 from TVLand marathon
Three Moons Over Milford - 8 eps on 2 disks (complete series)
Threshold - 13 eps on 4 disks (complete series)
Tin Man - complete SciFi miniseries on 2 disks
Torchwood (currently recording) - 3 eps/disk, all aired eps so far
Under One Roof - 6 eps on 2 disks (complete series)

Music, Specials, etc.
ABBA - in concert, Biography
Austin City Limits - Johnny Cash, Coldplay, Elvis Costello, Ray Davies, Deathcab for Cutie, Alison Kraus/The Killers, the Flaming Lips/the Shins, the Pixies, Jack White & the Raconteurs, Arcade Fire
Bachman-Cummings Songbook - PBS special "American Woman and More", recorded in highest quality to fit on a single disk
Behind the Music Remastered - Alice Cooper, Pat Benatar, Fleetwood Mac, The Go-Gos, Green Day, Poison, Styx, Weird Al Yankovic
VH1's Classic Albums: A Night at the Opera, British Steel, Nevermind, Piece of Mind, Rumors,
Nirvana - Unplugged, Classic Albums - Nevermind
The Pixies - Eurorockeenes Festival, Austin City Limits
Private Sessions - Meatloaf, Heart, Duran Duran,
Behind the Scenes movies - Diff'rent Strokes, Three's Company
Ramones - RAW
Steve Miller - 30 years of Rockin' Me (1 hour interview w/ live footage)

Biography - Bea Arthur, the BeeGees, Scott Baio, Drew Barrymore, John Belushi, Valerie Bertinelli, Beverly Hills 90210, Brady Bunch, Pierce Brosnan, Carol Burnett, John Candy, George Carlin, Shaun Cassidy, Dave Chappelle, Chevy Chase, Charlie's Angels, Kurt Cobain, Sean Connery, Bobby Darrin, Yvonne Decarlo, Diff'rent Strokes, Barbara Eden (Screen Goddesses), Erik Estrada, Facts of Life (& Cast Confessions special), Chris Farley, Corey Feldman, Carrie Fisher (Life & Times), Bobby Flay (and Chefography), Fleetwood Mac, Guns, 'n Roses, Harrison Ford, Fred Gwynn, Corey Haim, Tom Hanks (and Famous), Happy Days, Debbie Harry, Phil Hartman, Hugh Hefner, Jimi Hendrix, Benny Hill, Alfred Hitchcock, Ron Howard, Andy Kaufman, Stephen King, Sam Kinison, Don Knotts, Laverne & Shirley, The Love Boat, George Lucas, Tracy Lords, Kristy MacNicol, Lee Majors, Jayne Mansfield, Married With Children, Steve Martin, Mary Queen of Scots, Freddie Mercury, Elizabeth Montgomery, MTM & Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Monkees, Marilyn Monroe (+ Unexplained & Dead Famous episodes), Meatloaf Aday, Motley Crue, Munsters, Bill Murray, Ozzy Osbourne, the Osbournes, Partridge Family, Mackenzie Phillips, Richard Pryor, Rachael Ray, Burt Reynolds, John Ritter, Doris Roberts, Mr Rogers, Bob Saget, William Shatner, Martin Short, Phil Silvers, Gene Simmons, Elizabeth Smart, Anna Nicole Smith (Biography Remembers, Life & Times), Aaron Spelling, Dorothy Stratten, Suzanne Summers, Patrick Swayze, Teen Heartthrobs, Weird Al, Racquel Welch, Adam West, Robin Williams, Henry Winkler, Steve Wozniak

Animal House - Inside Story
Charlie Brown - Great Pumpkin, Thanksgiving, Christmas
Comedy Central Roast - William Shatner, Pam Anderson, Jeff Foxworthy, Flava Flav, Cheech and Chong, Bob Saget, Joan Rivers, Donald Trump, David Hasselhoff, Charlie Sheen, Greg Giraldo Tribute,
Dukes of Hazzard - '97 reunion movie, Graham Norton show reunion
Festival Express - (musical tour with Grateful Dead)
Happy Days - 10 year Reunion, 30th Anniversary Reunion, Shotgun Wedding parts 1&2, 5 Christmas episodes, TV Guide "Where Are They Now", ET remembers Tom Bosley
Intimate Portrait - Pam Dawber, Marg Helgenberger, Nancy McKeon, Marilyn Monroe, Mary Tyler Moore, Marion Ross, Vanna White

Merlin miniseries (4 eps on 2 disks)
Rodney Dangerfield Tribute
Saturday Night Live - (NOT ORIGINAL AIRINGS) Ron Howard '82, Bob & Doug Mackenzie, In The 90's, In The 00's, Behind the Scenes, The Women of SNL,
Star Wars - The Legacy Revealed, Empire of Dreams, Live at 30, George Lucas Biography
Stephen King - Rose Red, The Stand (complete miniseries on 2 disks), Biography
Teen Titans-Trouble in Tokyo movie
True Hollywood Story - Corey Feldman & Corey Haim, Phil Hartman, Lindsay lohan, Married with Children, Mean Girls, Last Days of Elvis, Lisa-Marie Presley, Rachel Ray, John Ritter, Rebecca Schaeffer,
TVLand Originals - Top 10 Holiday Moments, Myths & Legends, Sitdown Comedy, TVLand Confidential,

*most of my stuff is recorded direct from digital cable to DVR in hi-quality (3 hrs/disk), with simple menus (thumbnails and ep #/titles) and NO COMMERCIALS, i TRY to get complete openings and credits - ASK if its important to YOU.
70's & 80's sitcoms
the Donny and Marie Show
Babes (1990 sitcom starring Wendie Jo Sperber, Susan Peretz, Lesley Boone, Hank Azaria)
BJ and the Bear, Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo
Hawaii (NBC 2004)
House Rules (1998)
In the Loop (1998)
Love Boat
Misfits Of Science
Partners (1995 John Cryer/Tate Donovan/Maria Pitillo sitcom)

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