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Mamathon on 8/12 Episodes:

8:00PM #3 "The Wedding Part 1"
The Harper family gets together for Vinton and Naomi's wedding, but things don't go as planned when family members start arguing.
8:30PM #4 "The Wedding, Part 2"
As the wedding takes place, Thelma and Fran adjust to the fact that they now have one more addition to the house.
9:00PM #7 "Mama Gets a Job"
After Mama complains she hasn't done anything with her life, Naomi suggests she get a job. But when she takes a position as a secretary in the Traveling Agency Company, can she keep her cool withe customers?
9:30PM #43 "An Ill Wind"
A tornado threatens the Harpers on Thanksgiving day.
10:00PM #89 "The Really Loud Family"
Bubba films the Harpers for a school project.
10:30PM #103 "April Fools"
The family and Iola play April Fools jokes on Mama, but when she's not amused, she tries to get even.
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