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Originally Posted by UMFanatic
Anybody else?
A few have taken place near my hometown.

1. Senior con-man Arthur Frankford who bilked a lot of rich elderly women in Palm Beach. I live in West Palm Beach.

2. Rebecca Young was murdered in Belle Glade, about 30 miles from me. The case was investigated by PBSO, our local sheriff's office.

3. Glenn Consagra allegedly killed his two best friends in Clearwater, Florida. It's on the side of the state opposite and north from where I live but I have been to Clearwater.

4. The woman who was decapitated (Beverly something?), and the prime suspect was her mysterious con-artist roommate "Alice" (I can't recall the victim's name, the case is fairly well known, and has been discussed on this board before). That occurred in Boca Raton if I remember correctly. I visit Boca twice a week. It's about 30 miles from my home.
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