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Santa Monica, CA, October 11, 2006 - Nick at Nite's first original, animated series, Fatherhood, based on Bill Cosby's best selling book of the same name, returns for more family fun and Dr. Bindlebeeps' fatherly wisdom on Tuesday, October 18 at 9:30 pm (ET/PT). The series stars Blair Underwood and Sabrina LeBeauf and is executive produced by Cosby for Nick at Nite along with Charles Kipps (Little Bill, Cosby Mysteries), Mike Milligan (The Jeffersons, Dear John, Here and Now) and David Brokaw (Little Bill). The season premiere on October 18th guest stars Henry Winkler. Other guest stars throughout the season include Betty White, Wayne Brady, Tavis Smiley, Ed Asner and Lou Rawls. Jim Belushi and Don Knotts reprise their roles from this past spring.

"Our viewers have really connected with Fatherhood, so we are thrilled that we are able to produce more episodes with Bill Cosby," states Sal Maniaci, Vice President, Development and Production, TV Land and Nick at Nite.

Fatherhood delivers a comedic, yet insightful journey in each half hour episode focusing on the challenges, life lessons and comical confusions of family life. Underwood stars as the voice of "Dr. Bindlebeep," a high school teacher, loving husband and father of three. Sabrina LeBeauf (The Cosby Show) stars as his wife, Norma.

Nearly 64 million cumulative viewers tuned into the first season of Fatherhood, which premiered in June 2004. The series went on to win a NAMIC Vision Award (The National Association of Minorities in Communications) for Best Comedy (tied with Chapelle's Show).

Fatherhood (Doubleday/Dolphin) was published in May 1986 and became the fastest-selling hardcover book at that time. It remained for over half of its fifty-four weeks on The New York Times Best Seller List as #1. It has sold over 2.6 million hardcover copies and 1.5 million paperbacks (published by Berkeley).

The following is the schedule of episodes for Fatherhood:

#220 - "One Flu over the Bindlebeep Nest"
Premieres: Tuesday, October 18, 9:30 p.m. ET/PT

As a busy week starts to come to a close, Dr. B is looking forward to some relaxation and quality time in front of the television, watching a major golf tournament. But those plans are quickly put into disarray when one by one, every member of his family comes down with the flu. Shortly after both Angie and Roy fall to the annoying virus, Norma gets it too, leaving Dr. B to run the household single-handedly. Despite juggling errands for everybody, and taking Katherine to the most surreal birthday party ever visited by parent or child, Dr. B manages to hold it together until everyone recovers. And then...he coughs. Henry Winkler is a guest voice in this episode, playing the role of "Ben."

#222 - "Home Not So Alone"
Premieres: Tuesday, October 18, 10 p.m ET/PT
Dr. B and Norma are finally going to get away for a weekend, traveling to the city and staying at a luxury hotel while Dr. B's parents watch the kids. But Dr. B's mom has mixed up her dates on the calendar, and they are not going to show up as planned. Instead of canceling their vacation, Dr. B reluctantly agrees to let Angie supervise Roy and Katherine as they stay home alone for the first time ever. While Angie invites her best friends, Skye and Carmel, to come over and watch movies, Roy plans to sabotage the girls' slumber party by inviting a friend over and masterminding an impromptu house "haunting." Meanwhile, Dr. B is too nervous about the kids, so after Norma falls asleep, he sneaks out to drive back and just peek in on the house, to make sure they're okay. This will lead to a comical encounter children and father will never forget! Jim Belushi voices the role of "Officer Butch Winky."

#223 - "The Natural"
Premieres: Tuesday, October 25, 9:30 p.m. ET/PT
Katherine's performance in a school play catches the attention of a local talent agent, who thinks she would be perfect for a commercial being produced in town. Despite Norma's misgivings about exposing Katherine to the world of television at such a young age, Dr. B thinks it might not be so bad and allows Katherine to go to the audition. But, Katherine's suddenly buoyant hopes to make the commercial are shattered when at the audition; the director spots Angie and chooses her over Katherine! Now, Katherine is heartbroken, Norma is upset with Dr. B for allowing this to happen, and Angie must find a way to make things right with her sister. Tavis Smiley makes a guest appearance as himself.

#221 - "Cabin Fever"
Premieres: Tuesday, November 1, 9:30 p.m. ET/PT
When Norma is notified that a distant relative has named her in his will after his passing, she and the family travel to his cabin in the woods, where supposedly he has left them an inheritance. This comes at a time when both Dr. B and Norma have grown frustrated with how the kids are taking so many things for granted. Once there, the family discovers a literal warehouse of state-of-the-art items - DVD players, videogame machines, computers, even super-comfortable mattresses (just what Dr. B has dreamed of). They'll be set with every material need for a long time to come after this. But soon, they are faced with a choice, as it becomes apparent that most of this stuff was meant to be left to a favorite charity. What to do? Betty White is a guest voice, playing the role of "Betty" in this episode.

#224 - "Pump Down the Volume"
Premieres: Tuesday, November 8, 9:30 p.m. ET/PT
Roy has been missing track practice to rehearse a new rap song that could win him backstage tickets to a concert, thanks to a local radio talent show. When Dr. B discovers this, he is shocked that Roy was lying to him about his whereabouts, and even more shocked by what he thinks are outrageous lyrics to his song. As punishment, he not only grounds Roy from participating in the talent show, but forces him to drive with him to his father's house to pick up some old mementos. While visiting with is dad, Dr. B is reminded of his teen years when he was strumming an electric guitar and shocking his dad with his music. Soon, Dr. B starts to see himself in his son. Lou Rawls plays Dr. B's father, and Ed Asner does a guest voice, playing the role of "Blackie."

#225 - "Loop Dreams"
Premieres: Tuesday, November 15, 9:30 p.m. ET/PT
An old high school buddy of Dr. B's, Elijah, comes to town with news - he's getting married and he's organized a reunion of their old track team, so they can compete in a charity race to raise money for the struggling schools' sports departments. Dr. B is nervous about putting his old track shoes on, as he was the one that flubbed the big race when they were in school years ago. Meanwhile, Norma is feeling a little inadequate when she meets Elijah's new fiancée, a much younger woman who seems to be catching the eye of everyone around her. As the day of the big race looms again, both Dr. B and Norma try to find their own, renewed self-confidences. Wayne Brady plays Elijah in this episode.

#226 - "Birds, Bees and Bindlebeep"
Premieres: Tuesday, November 19
Where will Dr. B draw the line when standing up for himself, or his family? First, Dr. B backs down from a fight with a bully's father whose son had stolen Katherine's ball. But when told he cannot invite a prominent guest speaker to his class to discuss topics in sex education, Dr. B decides not to back down from that fight. Ironically, the bully's dad becomes one of Dr. B's supporters, as he makes a classic textbook case for freedom of speech at the school. Meanwhile, Norma's sudden large appetite gives way to a surprising revelation.
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