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Heres another...

(About 8am at jinnys house magda was comeing to pick her up Tis happens 3 months after my last one)

Jinny sat on her bed with her knees pulled up to her chest. Magda knocked on the door.

J:Comein its unlocked.

Magda came into jinnys room.

M:Jinny are you alright, you look upset?

J:Magda how acurate are those at home pregnancy tests.

M:I dont know they worked for me...Your not!

J:Well if twelve say your pregnant then i guesse you are, right?


J:Ugh, what is it why do i screw up all the time!

M:You dont screw up all the time... all the time...

J:I dont know what to do.

M you know who the father is?

J:No magd(sarcastically) I got knocked up by a 20 year old and he left before i could get his name...Its teddy who else?!?

M:I dont know, im sorry.

J:Thats ok im just on the edge right now.

M:I know how you feel...

J:Thats why i wanted to talk to you.

M:Any idea what your gonna do.

J:I dont know if i can get an abortion, thats like murder. I have to talk to teddy.

M:Well, i know teddy, he wont be like, ole whats his face who didnt stick around.

J sigh half cry) Ok,(sniff)I will, ill do that,(sniff)god my familys gonna hate me, i dont know if i am ready to like get married.

M:You dont have too get married.

J:I know, come on were gonna be late lets get outta here.

g2g bye

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RRRRRR!!! Gooo on!!! PLEASE!!! it si sooo good!

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Me,Myself and I
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Originally posted by Exstead:

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Keep it up... This is great!!!

"Strawberry shortcake banana split, we make your team look like shift to left, shift to right... stand up sit down fight fight fight!"- Badminton A rocks!

Jo: How about you park it on Blair's face?
Natalie: She's a breath of fresh air, isn't she?

Jo: When my dad doesn't like people, Blair, he doesn't show it. Look how he treated you!


Jo's Girl
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GrRrRrRrRrRrRrRrR!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! Moooooooorreeeee!!!!! more more more more!!!

P.S. I'm really exstead!! my friend has her own account and I'm on under that. She wouldn't let me change it. But it is a joint account so when you see this name it may be me it may be her. I'll tell you if it's me!!

Jo: Uh...In a minute your gonna have flared teeth.

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please continue!!!! cant wait to

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OK heres some more....

(At the station)

T:Hey jinny, you wanted to talk to me?

J:Uh yeah, in the parking lot.


Teddy left the room. Jinny started to follow him.

J:I will give anyone in this room 3 seconds to shot me, anybody who has anything against me, 1,2,3. Damn.

(Parking lot.)

T:So jinny what is this all about?

J:Im pre, pre, pre.


J:Im pregnant.

T:I, umm, i, are you sure?

J:Yeah pretty sure.

T:what do you want to do about it?

J:Well im not getting an abortion and im keeping it ok, end of story.


J:Your glad about that?

T:I was always against abortion.

J:Well thats one good thing. The bad thing is i have to tell my family.

T:That can be a problem.
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Jo: Uh...In a minute your gonna have flared teeth.

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Your starting to scare me here so im going to write more.

(Family Poker night)

Jinny sat next to John, she was very nervouse and her leg was shakeing and she didnt notice it. John held her leg still.

John:Ok Jinny thats really annoynig, the house is vibrateing.

J:Ehhhm sorry.

C:Are you ok?Your all spazed out.

J:Ehhh, well...

JD:Spit it out!

J:Im pregnant!...There did i say it?

JD:Yeah you did.

Jinnys dad got up and left the room.


John:why you lousy slut! Do you wan tto give him another heart attack!?!?!

J:No john. I dont.

John thanks for tellin us.

J:Would you rather i walk in here 9 months pregnant and tell you?

John:Oh, so that means your keeping it youll make an awfull mother.


John:Thats it im leaving.

John started for the door.

J: John wait, John!

C:Jinny i dont know if its any consoleation but, im behind you.

J:Thank you, i feel a little better, but what? i mean are they going to wait 6 months to talk to me.

C:So that means your 3 mounths along?


C:ANd that means you dont need this. He pulled her beer out of her hand. So did you tell the guy yet.

J:Yes and his name is Teddy...Theodore Blomenthal. We have been dateing for 3 months.

C:And why didnt i hear about him.

J:I dont know(Big smile)

C:Ehh, want to go eat something?

J:Would you get sick if i put chocolate on a taco?

C:Ewwwww, god, just eat it fast.

J:Good im starving and theres nothing here to eat.

C:Well taco bell it is.

They got up to leave the room.

C:So whatre you gonna name the kid.

J:I dont know but youll be in there somewhere.

C:What if its a girl.

J:Well then shell have a wierd middle name, come on.

They left the room and went to taco bell where jinny ate 3 "chocolet" tacos. And where casey lost his appetite.

(Next morning at the station)

M:Hello jinny, how was poker night?

J:I really know how to clear a room.

M there gonna have to accept it, even casey?

J:No casey bought me 3 chocolate tacos.

CD:Ok somethins going on here, clearing a room, accept it, chocolate tacos? I mean what the hell is a chocolate taco, a taco with chocolate!!?!?!?!


A:Why in gods name would you eat 3. Magda shes not gonna tell us, whats going on?

M:Well, ehhmm, rrr

J:Thats ok ill tell them... Im pregnant.

K:Good for you.

J:Where did you come from.

K: My office, do you know who the father is.

M:Ooooh that was a mistake.

J:Yes i knwo, why does everybody keep asking me that its teddy teddy TEDDY!!!!!

K:Ok ok sorry i asked.

J:Thank you.

K and in the beginning of oyur 5th month its desk duty for you... dont want to hurt the little one.

J:Yeah yeah... Well this aint all bad. I kinda want the baby. And when i do it, my brother will eat his words!

A:hehe yeah right jin.

J:Is anybody else in here hungry?

CD:Lemme guesse, chocolate tacos?

J:No no, a fish...cheseburger.

A:Oh god.

J smile)Thats what they all say.

The end, for now...

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Jinny:God She's got to bug up her a** for me.
CD: Why?
Jinny: Oh how should I know...maybe I'm not her idea of what a lady cop should look and act like.