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  1. Bush Speech
  2. U.S. fickle in fight against terror-food for thought
  3. State of the Union Address
  4. Republican or Democrat?
  5. Mandatory military service?
  6. Abortion
  7. President Bush
  8. Republican or Democrat?
  9. Bush or Gore???
  10. Law enforcement and the war on terrorism
  11. Pledge Unconstitutional
  12. Attack Iraq?
  13. War
  14. Iraq--There's still hope
  15. War?
  16. Government
  17. Should We Attack Iraq?
  18. "The United States of America has gone man"
  19. State of the Union Address 2003/ Why France is against military action in Iraq
  20. Top 10 Reasons Why I Hate The President
  21. IF Iraq uses chemical weapons in possible war, will naysayers be satisfied?
  22. Going to war with IRAQ
  23. Do you think we're going to war?
  24. View from Baghdad About The War from the Feminist Peace Network
  25. Anti War Protest
  26. War, Capital Punishment, Abortion, Murder
  27. Are there any people who are anti-abortion, but are for war?
  28. How many of you think a war with Iraq would be successful?
  29. Freedom Fries...
  30. Madonna Says She's Pro-Peace, Not Anti-American
  31. France & Germany
  32. Tom Morello's War on War
  33. Iraq war in the eyes of a 12yr old girl
  34. There Are Other Ways To Get Rid Of Saddam Hussein/"Suffer The Children"
  35. Anti-War Signs from Feb. 15th
  36. Bush really is a moron...among other things
  37. Bush's Choking Episode Proves He's a Complete Moron, Some Say
  38. 'U.S.-led aggression' against Iraq
  39. Saddam Challenges Bush to a Debate
  40. War Questions?
  41. Actors Guild Warns Against Blacklisting
  42. Lawyer Arrested for Wearing a 'Peace' T-Shirt
  43. What would happen if USA lost the war?!
  44. Bush Offers Taxpayers Another $300 If We Go To War
  45. Because I just want to start another fight...
  46. Petition to the UN Security Council
  47. President Bush is B-O-R-I-N-G
  48. Has Osama finally been captured?
  49. Top 11 facts that prove George W. Bush is too stupid to be President
  50. Conservative Talk Radio In-Demand
  51. Those wacky Republicans are at it again.
  52. Why It's Okay To Invade Iraq
  53. Isn't it kinda scary?
  54. Why France is great
  55. Dave Matthews Speaks Out About the War
  56. -
  57. President on TV Tonight
  58. Withdraw Canada's Support For The "war On Terror
  59. Do You Know Anyone That Will Be In The Upcoming War?
  60. Military Promises 'Huge Numbers' For Gulf War II: The Vengeance
  61. American run over by Israeli bulldozer
  62. About the War
  63. Nuclear War
  64. Bush Agrees To More Inspections
  65. Letter to the U.N.
  66. When will the war begin and end?
  67. Senate refuses drilling in Alaska
  68. saddamn has about 1 hr to get outta iraq
  69. What War Will DO!!
  70. Subways and the War...
  71. Did the war just start?
  72. They've started...
  73. war with iraqu
  74. Eleven Reasons to Give Actors a Break
  75. War Protest.
  76. Marine helicopter crashes, killing 16
  77. President Bush Proves Leadership Once Again
  78. I Want to Take Time Out to Support Our Troops
  79. 4 american, 12 english dead already
  80. Iraq
  81. Peace
  82. What the American Flag Stands For
  83. 5 year old wounded in Baghdad
  84. To protest or not to protest?
  85. Saddam Hussein--Dead or Alive?
  86. American Lies About the War!
  87. Children In Iraq.
  88. What this war is really about...
  89. 4 Soldiers Captured :-(
  90. George Bush Goes To Hell
  91. Could he be...Satan? An investigation into the true nature of our new president.
  92. President Bush May Be "Moron": Stupidity Experts
  93. i have just seen the photos of the captured US solders...
  94. For all republicans let's take a stand and unite!
  95. American Soldiers Appreciation Thread!
  96. ]-[ow many people have to die?
  97. Just to clarify....
  98. To all of you Anti-bush people
  99. Keep it simple stupid... pro-war list
  100. Resoluation 1441
  101. What about the war in Afghanistan?
  102. Answers to all the war questions... not for the faint hearted
  103. "Boom!" by System Of A Down: music video directed by Michael Moore
  104. Halliburton makes a "killing" on Iraq war
  105. $75 Billion!!!
  106. Beastie Boys take a stand!!!
  107. The Average Infantryman
  108. R.E.M. Post Anti-War Song
  109. P.O.W.s
  110. they fear Nuclear War is inevidable
  111. morning those lost
  112. Human Shields See the Light...
  113. An Important healing message from Christiane Northrup, MD:
  114. Images of death, violence shock Arabs
  115. Bush Lies
  116. Ashcroft once again abuses his power.
  117. This web cronical from baghdad. Interesting
  118. Let the voices of the WORLD be heard
  119. Some conservative political humor from the goddamn liberal.
  120. Images of the War in Iraq...
  121. Poor Reporting On Iraq Weapons
  122. proof of Iraqi girl injured in Baghdad hospital
  123. Dolphins aid Iraq mine-clearance
  124. One Rule for Them
  125. Chemical Warfare
  126. War children can't live by leaflets alone
  127. Does anyone on this board actually agree and like President Bush?
  128. A Letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush on the Eve of War
  129. Money Spent On The War
  130. WWE Superstars With Family/Friends In Iraq
  131. what has happened to the Aljazeera website?
  132. Bush refuses to continue funding 9/11 Inquiry!
  133. Oldest Human History Is at Risk
  134. In a time of War
  135. Gas Bill
  136. Will Middle America Board the Peace Train?
  137. i mis clinton
  138. They are Fighting for Their Independence, not Saddam
  139. Who Is This Guy?!
  140. Letter for Natalie
  141. Something that I found odd.....
  142. Perle resigns from Defense Policy Board
  143. Blair: US will be in charge after war
  144. Collateral Damage: Diplomacy finally failed and war began.
  145. Moore tools up for another furor
  146. Washington is Watching: Ottawa chose to sit this one out
  147. Flying on Death Row?
  148. Army Depots in Iraqi Desert Have Names of Oil Giants
  149. Susan Sarandon's appearance canceled
  150. Michael Moore: I'd Like to Thank the Vatican...
  151. Aid groups see army using aid as propaganda
  152. My Friend Had An Intersting Idea
  153. This War Will Set Off A Global Shockwave Of Anti-Americanism
  154. US forms own UN
  155. U.S. is waging 'immoral' battle
  156. God Bless America?NO!!!!
  157. My own little dedication....
  158. Takoma The Dolphin Is Awol
  159. Let's Figure Out Why Americans are BETTER Than Anyone Else
  160. Reckless Wartime Budget Will Hurt Kids
  161. No Ribbons, No Flags, No Fireworks
  162. Canadian opinions are just as divided as American's
  163. Saddamcy
  164. Mike Moore's Oscar acceptance speech
  165. John Mellencamp mystified by reaction to his new song
  166. Just War or a Just War? - An editorial by Jimmy Carter
  167. U.S. officials concede they 'misjudged' Iraqi defections
  168. US forces' use of depleted uranium weapons is 'illegal'
  169. Military families unite in protest
  170. NBC Fires Journalist Peter Arnett
  171. Uncle Sam's Jihadists
  172. Only if John Lennen and John Denver were both still alive!!!
  173. Pentagon Seeks to Oust Rivera from Iraq
  174. The funniest website ever.
  175. Have they found the Weapons of Mass destructuion that are a threat to the USA yet?
  176. Lol
  177. U.S. Troops Kill 7 Civilians
  178. Saddam Speech Suspiciously Mentions Nelly Song From Last Summer
  179. I Should Not Be Allowed To Say The Following Things About America
  180. "The whole world is watching us die"
  181. Soldier Says He's Conscientious Objector
  182. In need of address for servicemen/women
  183. War SHOULD Be Over, Will You Come Get It? (4/3/03)
  184. Tulia, Texas Two Step!
  185. Inteligence! Inteligence!
  186. Double/Speak
  187. Madonna pulls pro-peace video
  188. Apology from Natalie Maines of The Dixie Chicks
  189. Denver Fans Walk Out of Pearl Jam Show
  190. Ted Koppel With 3rd Infrantry Division, April 7 at 8 on ABC (Must See!)
  191. Americans arrest innocent Iraqi schoolteacher
  192. Protesting
  193. Canadians boo pee wee hockey team
  194. You know...
  195. Professor, Recruiter Face off at UMass
  196. U.S. Use of Tear Gas Could Violate Treaty, Critics Say
  197. Peace Activist Shot; and Christian Crusade to Iraq
  198. The Real Greorge Bush
  199. Britain admits there may be no WMD's in Iraq
  200. Images of people who want Peace....
  201. axis of evil ---a la john cleese (got this in an email)
  202. Vietnam II, You Are Cleared For Takeoff
  203. British kill 8 Iraqis after grenade attack
  204. Iraq War Quiz
  205. Sources: Saddam Hussein, sons 'likely' killed in April 8 attack
  206. From Michael Moore
  207. WMD 'smoking gun' turns out to be pesticide
  208. A Child Lies In Agony...
  209. There's a Yellow Bush From Texas
  210. Michael Moore: My Oscar "Backlash": Book Back At #1, Film Breaks New Records
  211. Latest Osama Bin Laden tape
  212. Anti-War Evident in World War 1
  213. Iraq Vs. The Statue
  214. Saddam in Russian Embassy??
  215. For those who are against war
  216. Iraqis cheer collapse of Saddam's regime
  217. Very good article
  218. Stomping Saddam
  219. War Is A Double Tragedy
  220. Powerful TV image obscures details
  221. Where are your taxes going??
  222. Bush Offers Crooks and Warmongers to Lead Iraq
  223. Let's take a harder look.
  224. The POW's
  225. Why The PM Is Right
  226. NBC to make a TV movie about POW Jessica Lynch
  227. Anyone catch Southpark?
  228. Iraqui Looters......
  229. makes you wonder..
  230. Iraq Invasion By The Numbers
  231. Lives of Iraqi Children
  232. 30 Iraqi children, 215 wounded in Red Crescent hospital bombing; contradictory news
  233. What About the Iraqi Children?
  234. War Isn't Funny....
  235. Ok, pull it together, Mr. Bush!
  236. Words and faces from Iraq
  237. Pourquoi?? Why is everyone down on France??
  238. Rosie Won't Bring Politics to Nick
  239. G.I. Who Pulled the Trigger Shares Anguish of 2 Deaths
  240. Tim Robbins vs. the Baseball Hall of Fame
  241. The Soft Bigotry of Loose Adulation
  242. Rescued POWs!!
  243. Fighting Words (Article)
  244. Two in CNN Crew Hurt in Iraqi Gunfight
  245. A Timely Return for Smothers Brothers
  246. But, No Matter. Really?
  247. War Doctor
  248. Baghdad did not fall, it was handed over
  249. Courage (an anti-war poem)
  250. Saddam Hussein's Gay Days REVEALED