Tuesday, March 11, 2008

3 More RTN Affiliates; More Step by Step on ABC Family

Retro Television Network (RTN) announced that it will partner with Four Points Media Group to add RTN affiliates in Austin, TX; Utah; and West Palm Beach, FL. The new affiliates will launch this year in Austin on a digital stream of KEYE-TV, in Utah on analog station KUSG and in West Palm Beach on a digital stream of WTVX.
Great news for those markets...it had been awhile since we gotten some RTN news, so don't worry, more will come I'm sure. It is sure growing fast!

We posted that ABC Family changed their minds about putting Step by Step back to weekday afternoons, and the show would only air continue to weekdays at 9am. Well, we got SOME good news now for Step by Step fans...the show will continue to air weekdays at 9am but now starting March 15 it will also gain Saturday and Sunday mornings from 7-8am....so four episodes a weekend! Better than nothing! It will replace Sister, Sister on weekends.

We will end today with a preview of what is to come this week on the blog. Tomorrow we will have a review of the new Fox sitcom The Return of Jezebel James, which launches Friday. We will highlight ION April 2008 and TV Land May 2008 as well this week. We will also have a review of the new ABC sitcom Miss Guided in the coming days, as it will launch next Tuesday with a special preview episode.

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