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Mini-DVD Reviews: DuckTales Vol. 3 and TaleSpin Vol. 2 (Nov.13); Solomon's Weekly Rant

It is Saturday, so that must mean it is time for mini-DVD reviews and Solomon's Weekly Rant! First up, are the mini-DVD reviews. Today we take a look at Walt Disney Home Entertainment's DuckTales: Volume 3 and TaleSpin: Volume 2. Both series were very popular in the early '90s on Disney's very popular syndicated block called The Disney Afternoon. DuckTales was about a wealthy duck who takes care of his nephews while TaleSpin was about a bear working for a cargo company. As with all of the shows in the Disney Afternoon, they were action and adventure filled! See my mini-DVD reviews of both sets:

DuckTales: Volume 3 (Walt Disney, $34.99) brings the next 24 half hours of the very fun and interesting animated series on DVD on 3-discs. We return to Duckburg with zillionaire Scrooge McDuck and his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie. This season you'll see them go on a journey to an African jungle, stowed away on an secret aircraft carrier, and rocketing into space to search for a lost "Money Bin." Join Scrooge and the gang battle nemesis such as Ma Beagle and the Beagle Boys, Flintheart Glumgold, and Magica DeSpell.
The episodes are again in production order and leave off from where we last left off. On this set we start off with the episode "Duck to the Future" and end with two 5-part episodes, one introducing Bubba ("Time is Money"), and another introducing Gizmoduck ("Super DuckTales"). Now, the Gizmoduck 5-parter wasn't produced until a bit later, but Disney is giving them us this way, because the very next episode after the 5-part Bubba episode was an episode produced with both Bubba and Gizmoduck in them. They should have went with airdate order in the first place, so this mess wouldn't have happened. The episodes all run close to 22:50, all unedited I'm sure. There are two episodes that run like 22:32 and 22:35...they are parts two and three of the Bubba 5-parter. For some reason it is missing the "next time on DuckTales" preview. The other 5-part episodes have that along with the "previously on DuckTales" teaser. Each episode has 5 chapter stops.
The packaging has an outer box with three slim cases, holding each is designed very well once again and consistent with the previous two sets. Great photos and colors. My only gripe is, there is no show logo with a Volume 3 mention on the bottom or top of the cover. The side has it, but not the top or bottom...the first two sets had it, and even Talespin Vol. 2, which is out the same day as this set, does.
The menu screen has Play All, Episode Selection, Set Up, Sneak Peeks (disc one only) with the closing theme song playing in the background. Each disc has a different main menu. The first disc has the gang in a futuristic Duckburg, the second disc has the gang in the jungle, and the third has the gang with Gizmoduck! The Set Up option has options of Subtitles where we can turn on English or French subtitles, Return to Episode and Register Your DVD. Disc one has auto previews when we put the disc in, where see sneak peeks at other Disney movies/DVDs. When we go to episode selection, the episodes are listed with a screenshot from the episode. The menu is designed quite well and is easy to navigate.
The video and audio were both very good for the first two sets. No problems whatsoever. However, this set's video is not too good. You see flashing white dots/debris a lot, especially in the non-5-part episodes. Those two 5-part episodes look decent, but the rest is very disappointing. What happened, Disney? The audio is not that bad, maybe a little worse than the first two sets, though.
Anyhow, I still highly do recommend any fan to pick up this set. We are now just one more set away from finishing this series on DVD. If the pattern continues, it will be next November, but we hope it is sooner than that, so we don't have to wait for more of Scrooge and the gang! If you never saw the show, pick it up! It is great fun and probably the most interesting animated series of all-time! So, check your Junior Woodchuck Guidebook to find out where the series is on DVD for you to buy, or you can just click on the link below. Just don't sit in a time machine, or you'll be back in the stone age and you'll be stuck with Bubba!
-- Reviewed by Pavan
(4/5 stars)

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TaleSpin: Volume 2 (Walt Disney, $34.99) brings the next 27 half hours of the high flying animated series to DVD. Everyones favorite furry cargo pilot Baloo returns with Kit Cloudkicker as they take the skies as couriers for their friend and boss, Rebecca Cunningham. Her daughter Molly and mechanic Wildcat are also in on the fun. Join the Hire for Hire gang as they face off against the evil Col. Spigot.
The episodes are in airdate order once again, unlike sets like DuckTales and Chip 'n Dale, both of those are in production order. The episodes all run just under 23 minutes, all unedited. Baloo's best friend King Louie would be so happy and corporate big shot Shere Khan would love a great business. Each episode has 5 chapter stops, so if you want to skip to your favorite scenes, anytime.
The packaging is very similar to the first set. We get an outer box with three slim cases holding three discs. As with the first set, the packaging is very colorful and has a lot of photos.
The menu screen has Play All, Episode Selection, Set Up, Sneak Peeks (disc one only) with the closing theme song playing in the background. Set Up option has where you can have subtitles in English or French. When we go to episode selection, the episodes are listed with a screenshot from the episode. The menu is designed quite well and is easy to navigate.
The video and audio are both very good once again. There are no problems whatsoever with it...very nice job!
I highly do recommend any fan to pick up this set, even more if you have the first set. If you don't, then still pick this up! If you never saw the show, pick it up. It is great fun! Vol. 3 will for sure be the final volume, so we just have one more set to go after this! This means DuckTales, Chip 'n Dale and TaleSpin will be finishing soon on DVD! Wow! Darkwing Duck has probably another two sets still to go. As for this set, hurry today and order the DVD before Don Karnage and his evil Air Pirates pick it up before you! Spin it!
-- Reviewed by Pavan
(4/5 stars)

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Solomon's Weekly Rant
Saturday, November 10, 2007
"This Writers' Strike is Ruining All Parts of My TV Life; Why is a Guest in the MNF Booth for an Entire Quarter?"
By Solomon Davis

Why can't there be some kind of agreement so that this writers' strike can be over and everyone can get their TV life back to normal? This strike is putting a HUGE DENT in my TV watching life and I just don't know how long I can take this. Due to the strike I can't see Letterman or Leno like I'm used to doing every night. I have no idea when I will see a new episode of new series such as The Big Bang Theory. And not only that but this strike has also affected my on-screen Comcast cable guide because the information has been inaccurate for Leno or Letterman. This TV season is turning out to be a NIGHTMARE that has no end in sight.

Why does there have to be a guest in the Monday Night Football booth for the entire 3rd quarter taking away the excitement of the actual game? That is just too long for fans to listen to someone in the booth that's not talking about something related to the game. Wouldn't a halftime guest be a lot better than interfering with the game while it's in progress? Listen to this ESPN: I'm not interested in listening to guests, just the game you advertised all week long for NFL fans to watch!

My Weird TV Moments of the Week:
Wednesday, November 7, 2007: On Regis & Kelly, this conversation happened:
Kelly: I will be modeling a white chocolate dress today.
Regis: Is it edible?
Kelly: Yes, it's edible.
Regis: Can Regis have some?
Kelly: Sure, if Regis is a good boy he can have some.
Wow! They are too far away in age to have this kind of conversation.

Agree or disagree with Solomon? Discuss it here.

DISCLAIMER: Remember, Solomon is not the voice of SitcomsOnline. He is just stating his opinions and does not reflect what SitcomsOnline says or thinks. It is just his 'View' but it is always quite entertaining.

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