Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Day 2: WGA's Writers' Strike

Unfortunately once again the WGA Writers' Strike is the top story. Three sitcoms have just completely shut down...Fox's Back to You & 'Til Death, and CBS's Rules of Engagement. All three shows ceased production this week, meaning whatever the episodes they have already taped are the only ones available. Probably 4-5 each will remain to air. Multicamera sitcoms will be hit harder than the single camera ones, I think. So, expect How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Girlfriends, and The Game to cease too, if they haven't already.
It all depends on how long this strike will last to see if we will get any more episodes pass the 4-5 ones left for each. If it lasts only a week or two, we can expect probably minor episode cuts, if any. But if we're talking months, then we can forget about any new episodes, or very little episodes.
In other strike news, late night TV will once again be repeats tonight. So, no new Jimmy Kimmel Live with the latest Dancing with the Stars eliminated star. Bummer.

We'll be back with more news, if any.

Tonight sitcom wise we got Cavemen & Carpoolers on ABC starting at 8/7 central. On Carpoolers, Jerry O'Connell's real wife, Rebecca Romijn (Ugly Betty) will guest star! She will play Laird's sexy ex-wife, who is crazy. Sounds hilarious! Tune in!

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