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3rd Rock from the Sun - The Complete Season Five (Mill Creek)



Release Date: January 8, 2013 (Mill Creek Entertainment)
MSRP: $9.98
Packaging: Keepcase with black paper sleeves
Number of Discs: 3
Number of Episodes: 22
Running Time: 475 minutes
Running Time of Features: 16 minutes
Audio: English Stereo
Subtitles and Captioning: Closed-Captioned
Special Features: Bloopers; Episode Previews


Get ready for more intergalactic comedy as 3rd Rock from the Sun returns to DVD once again! With the original releases of the series from Anchor Bay now long out of print, Mill Creek comes to the rescue by not only completing the series once again, but bringing fans those seasons at an extraordinary value! The three disc set brings all of the fun, hilarity, and unusual happenings of the 1999-2000 season to DVD in a three disc set, where Dick and the gang share the joys of child birth, attend an interactive murder mystery, and more!


The season begins with where the fourth season left off in "Episode I: The Baby Menace," where the Solomons find out what Vicki's baby is... and the answer they're looking for is not "boy" or "girl." Dick is outraged after what he finds out from a drunken Mary in "Dick for Tat." In "The Fifth Solomon," the Solomons learn that family can be more than just people, but in fact, things. The Solomons go on a murder mystery weekend in "Dial M for Dick." Dick visits a plastic surgeon (played by David Hasselhoff) in "Dick and Tuck." In "Dick Who's Coming to Dinner," the Solomons accidentally end up in a "white power" rally after Nina refuses to let Dick accompany her to a Black Student Union meeting. Sally begins using birth control in "Sex and the Sally." Dick proves to be very charitable during an auction in "Charitable Dick."

In "The Loud Solomon Family: A Dickumentary," Mary decides to do a documentary about the typical American family (the Solomons), but things aren't quite as typical as hoped. Mary and Dick befriend another couple in "Gwen, Larry, Dick, and Mary." Valentine's Day is coming in "Dick Puts the ID in Cupid," and everybody seems to be having their own problems. The Big Giant Head (William Shatner) returns to earth to claim his son in "The Big Giant Head Returns." In "Rutherford Beauty," Dick confesses to Mary his erotic fantasies about Nina. To advert a potential disaster, Dick makes an investment in the stock market that may prove to be a bigger disaster in "This Little Dick Went to Market." Dick takes part in spring break in "Youth is Wasted on the Dick."

In "Dick Strikes Out," Dick convinces the faculty of the university to resign, which everybody does... except for him. It's time for an annual dance in "Shall We Dick?," but what'll Dick do when he finds out Mary can't dance? The title explains it all in "Dick and Harry Fall in a Hole." In "Frankie Goes to Rutherford," a former student of Mary's returns and Dick is jealous... but should he be? Dick fakes a sick day in "Dick Solomon's Day Off." The season ends with the two part episode "The Big Giant Head Returns Again," where The Big Giant Head is back on Earth, and ready to cause even more trouble and chaos for the Solomons.

Disc 1:
1. "Episode I: The Baby Menace" (21:38)
2. "Dick for Tat" (21:37)
3. "The Fifth Solomon" (21:37)
4. "Dial M For Dick" (21:38)
5. "Dick and Tuck" (21:37)
6. "Dick Who's Coming to Dinner" (21:37)
7. "Sex and the Sally" (21:37)
8. "Charitable Dick" (21:37)

Disc 2:
9. "The Loud Solomon Family: A Dickumentary" (21:37)
10. "Gwen, Larry, Dick, and Mary" (21:37)
11. "Dick Puts the ID in Cupid" (21:37)
12. "Big Giant Head Returns" (21:37)
13. "Rutherford Beauty" (21:37)
14. "This Little Dick Goes to Market" (21:39)
15. "Youth is Wasted on the Dick" (21:37)

Disc 3:
16. "Dick Strikes Out" (21:37)
17. "Shall We Dick?" (21:39)
18. "Dick and Harry Fall in a Hole" (21:37)
19. "Frankie Goes to Rutherford" (21:38)
20. "Dick Solomon's Day Off" (21:37)
21. "The Big Giant Head Returns Again (Part 1)" (21:38)
22. "The Big Giant Head Returns Again (Part 2)" (21:38)


The packaging artwork for this set is very nicely designed, and very similar to all of the previous releases of this series from Mill Creek. On the cover, there is a large photo of Dick at the top along with a smaller photo of the remaining cast members at the bottom. There is an episode snapshot on the back, along with a brief description of the season and the guest stars from the season. Once you get inside, you find the typical Mill Creek standard: black paper sleeves. Each disc has the same artwork as seen on the cover, and episode titles are listed at the bottom of each disc.

Menu Design and Navigation:

The menus on the set are similar to the previous releases, with the theme song playing on the main menu along with black and white video clips from some of the episodes throughout the season (the same videos play on every disc). Main menu options include Play All and Episode Select, along with Bonus on Disc 3. Episode Select brings up a listing of all of the episodes on the disc, along with an option to turn episode preview on. Chapters are placed throughout each episode, including right after the opening credits, in the middle of each episode, and right before the closing credits.

Video and Audio Quality:

Even though these Carsey-Werner series have never looked spectacular on DVD, the quality of the video and audio really isn't terrible. These still don't look as excellent as great as one would expect for something that aired in the 1999-2000 season. It is hard to really describe the issues with the video quality, but it almost appears to be a bit too compressed (though they really aren't putting all that many episodes on one disc to be honest). The audio is fine, and is presented as it originally aired. Finally, each episode on the set is closed-captioned.

Special Features:

The set isn't really loaded with special features, but there are some to be found. First, the set contains episode previews (roughly 30 seconds each) for every episode. You can turn these on from the Episode Select menu. I'm guessing that these were the syndication promos that were used for the series. The other special feature included on the set is bloopers (5:31), and these can be found on Disc 3. They're fun to watch, but the quality of them is very rough considering that it really wasn't all that long ago that these episodes aired.

Final Comments:

Yet again, this is another value priced release of something that we've already seen before. There really isn't a whole lot to complain about, and whatever there is to complain about is pretty much offset by the very low MSRP. If you already have the original release of this season, there really isn't anything new in this re-release, but this one is definitely worth owning if you don't have the original release, regardless of whether you are a loyal fan or even just a casual fan.

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 4/5
Audio Quality: 4/5
Special Features: 2/5
Menu Design/Navigation: 4.5/5
Overall: 4/5

-- Reviewed by skees53 on 01/28/13

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