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2 Broke Girls - The Complete First Season



DVD Release Date: September 4, 2012 (Warner Home Video)
MSRP: $44.98
Packaging: Amaray case in cardboard box
Number of Discs: 3
Number of Episodes: 24
Running Time: approx. 516 minutes
Running Time of Features: approx. 20 minutes
Audio: Dolby Digital English 5.1 Surround, Português
Subtitles: English for the Hearing Impaired, Français, Chinese, Español, Português
Special Features:
* 2 Girls Going 4 Broke Featurette
* Unaired Scenes/Alternate Jokes


One's street-smart and working-class-born; the other's book smart and nouveau bankrupt. Together, unlikely roommates and unlikelier friends Max (Kat Dennings, "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist") and Caroline (Beth Behrs, "American Pie Presents: The Book of Love") are two broke girls waiting tables in a Brooklyn diner while trying to save $250,000 to start a cupcake business. It won't be easy, but the pair's outrageous, saucy humor and blossoming friendship make chasing the American dream a priceless adventure. Enjoy all 24 outrageous Season One episodes from Emmy winner Michael Patrick King ("Sex and the City"), plus sweet extras!


The series premiered on September 9, 2011, with the "Pilot" episode, in which an unusual friendship blooms in a Brooklyn diner between sarcastic, streetwise Max and sophisticated, formerly rich Caroline. Caroline steals Max's thunder when she innocently interferes with her break-up in "And the Break-Up Scene." Max introduces Caroline to the art of thrift store shopping in "And Strokes of Goodwill." Max gets a taste of Caroline's posh lifestyle - and her personal life - at her former home in "And the Rich People Problems." Caroline and Max throw a party to charge rich hipsters for horse rides in "And the 90's Horse Party." Caroline tries to build herself a Murphy bed, and the chemistry between Max and Johnny (Nick Zano) heats up in "And the Disappering Bed." When a potential customer wants pretty cupcakes, Caroline drags Max to a cake-decorating class in "And the Pretty Problem." Caroline and Max clean a hoarder's apartment for extra cash, and Johnny's spray can speaks volumes in "And the Hoarder Culture."

Things get awkward when Johnny's girlfriend, Cashandra (Marsha Thomason), hires Max and Caroline in "And the Really Petty Cash." Caroline's first holiday with her dad in prison finds the girls spreading holiday spirit...both good and bad in "And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving." It's the first snow and Chestnut needs a winter home in "And the Reality Check." Friendship is golden...and so are Caroline's T.A.T. rings, which she sells to buy Max her dream appliance in "And the Pop-Up Sale." Max introduces Caroline to the value of coupon shopping, and Han to the law of supply and demand in "And the Secret Ingredient." Max and Caroline's new upstairs neighbor, Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge), offers the girls a new way to make money in "And the Upstairs Neighbor." The girls audition for a job with Sophie - and Sophie urges Max to make a difficult choice about Caroline in "And the Blind Spot." Sohpie's Valentine's Day outfit gives Earl a heart attack, and Caroline attempts to rekindle an old flame in "And the Broken Hearts."

One might be sick; the other might be Jewish in "And the Kosher Cupcakes." It's Caroline's birthday, but one-night stands are getting in the way of a proper celebration in "And the One-Night Stands." Caroline's vacation plans blow Max's mind - until cupcakes call them both back from paradise in "And the Spring Break." Max convinces Caroline to participate in a clinical trial to help raise money for her father's deposition in "And the Drug Money." Caroline promises Earl that she'll mail his tax return, but when she learns that Max has never filed taxes, she gets sidetracked in "And the Messy Purse Smackdown." Max's babysitting gig is in peril if the cupcakes she and Caroline deliver to Peach's socialite friend aren't perfect in "And the Big Buttercream Breakthrough." The girls have an opportunity to grow their cupcake business big time...if they can just crash the Met gala to meet Martha Stewart in this hour-long fairy-tale season finale "And Martha Stewart Have a Ball - Parts One & Two."

All of the episodes appear to be unedited, with running times of 21 minutes. The season finale aired as an one-hour episode and is presented that way on the DVD. The episodes are in their original CBS broadcast order. There's no indication of any music substitutions on the packaging. Here are the runtimes:

Disc 1:
Pilot (9/19/11) (21:55)
And the Break-Up Scene (9/26/11) (21:24)
And the Strokes of Goodwill (10/3/11) (21:36)
And the Rich People Problems (10/10/11) (21:31)
And the 90's Horse Party (10/17/11) (21:37)
And the Disappearing Bed (10/24/11) (21:36)
And the Pretty Problem (10/31/11) (21:36)
And the Hoarder Culture (11/7/11) (21:35)

Disc 2:
And the Really Petty Cash (11/14/11) (21:30)
And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving (11/21/11) (21:26)
And the Reality Check (12/5/11) (21:11)
And the Pop-Up Sale (12/12/11) (21:36)
And the Secret Ingredient (1/2/12) (21:35)
And the Upstairs Neighbor (1/16/12) (21:36)
And the Blind Spot (2/6/122) (21:36)
And the Broken Hearts (2/13/12) (21:36)

Disc 3:
And the Kosher Cupcakes (2/20/12) (21:36)
And the One-Night Stands (2/27/12) (21:37)
And the Spring Break (3/19/12) (21:36)
And the Drug Money (4/9/12) (21:29)
And the Messy Purse Smackdown (4/16/12) (21:34)
And the Big Buttercream Breakthrough (4/30/12) (21:27)
And Martha Stewart Have a Ball - Parts One & Two (5/07/12) (41:47)


The set includes all 24 episodes from the first (2011-12) season. It comes in an Amaray case that is held inside an outer cardboard box. The cover art and design is the same on both the case and cardboard box. Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs are featured on the front cover in their waitress uniforms. The show logo is above them in red. There's a full body shot of Behrs and Jennings on the back cover, as well as four episode snapshots. These photos feature recurring guest star Jennifer Coolidge and supporting stars Jonathan Kite, Garrett Morris and Matthew Moy. A synopsis of the show, a listing of the special features and the DVD specs are provided. There's a flip holder in the center of the case that holds Discs 1 and 2. Disc 3 is in an embedded holder in the back of these case. A 6-page booklet is included. It has more photos of Dennings and Behrs on the front and back, as well as headshots of them plus Morris, Kite, Moy, Coolidge and even Chestnut (the horse) inside the booklet. Episode summaries, writing and directing credits, and the original airdates are provided. The discs are very plain looking, with just the show logo printed in red in the silver part of the disc. The disc number is in silver in the red background portion.

Menu Design and Navigation:

The menus are simple and easy to navigate. The main menu uses the same photo of Dennings and Behr that is used on the packaging. The show logo is in the tray that Dennings is holding in the air. An instrumental music cue is played in the background before it loops after 2 minutes, 10 seconds. There are options for Play, Episodes and Lanaguages at the bottom of the screen. The blue icons for these options are highlighted in gold and turn teal upon your selection. The episodes menu is very plain and generic looking, with just a red background. Episode titles are listed in white. There's a generic TV icon with the episode number next to each episode title. Four episodes are listed per screen. The languages menu is also very generic. You can choose the spoken languages and subtitles here. I'm not sure why they didn't use any additional photos on the sub-menus. Chapters are placed at the apporpriate places.

Video and Audio Quality:

As you might expect from a show that just aired within the last year, the video and audio quality is excellent. The episodes are presented in a "matted" widescreen format preserving the original aspect ratio. They've been enhanced for widescreen televisions. The picture is very sharp and clean. This is a traditional multi-camera sitcom, so they use a lot of sets. I love the retro look of the diner. The lighting for the show is very good. We are only reviewing the DVD release, but the show is also available on Blu-Ray for even better quality. For the closing logo enthusiasts, there are logos for MPK - Michael Patrick King Productions and Warner Bros. Television.

The audio is a Dolbity Digital English 5.1 surround track. There are no problems with it. There's an alternate audio track in Português. Subtitles in English for the Hearing Impaired, Français, Chinese, Español, Português are avaiable on the episodes. The special features are not rated and may not be subtitled.

Special Features:

There are only two special features, but they are pretty informative and entertaining. It would have been nice to have some cast/crew audio commentaries or a gag reel. Many first season shows have fewer special features, so hopefully they will have more on the second season release. Both special features can be found on Disc 3.

2 Girls Going 4 Broke (14:05) - This featurette goes behind the scenes with the cast and creators as they discuss the show's origins. They talk about the sets, the casting, the characters, the costumes, the joke writing, and the relatability of the show. It's not overly detailed, but it provides a good general overview of the series. Interviews include Creator/Executive Producer Michael Patrick King, Director James Burrows, Writer/Consulting Producer Michelle Nader, Production Designer Glenda Rovello, Beth Behrs, Kat Dennings, Creator/Executive Consultant Whitney Cummings, Jonathan Kite, Garrett Morris, Jennifer Coolidge, Matthew Moy and Costume Designer Trayce Gigi Field.

Unaired Scenes/Alternate Jokes (6:13) - The episode number, scene and description are noted before they play. It would have been interesting to hear commentary on why they didn't use these jokes. There's nothing really groundbreaking here, but they are fun to watch. Five scenes are available.

Episode 104, Scene H - Max and Johnny at Bar
Episode 102, Scene E - Caroline Stinks Up Subway
Episode 109, Scene J - Max Falls Off Horse
Episode 119, Scene C - Baby Nose Jobs
Episode 124, Scene HH - Dad's Been Calling

Final Comments:

2 Broke Girls was the best and highest rated new comedy of the season. I knew after watching the pilot last fall that it would become an instant hit. There are way too many single-camera comedies these days that aren't even funny, but this is an old fashioned sitcom like Laverne & Shirley and Alice. It works on many levels. The writing is a bit edgy and raunchy at times, but that's the trend in many comedies these days. Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs have great chemistry and comic timing together. The supporting cast at the diner is pretty funny in small doses. Jennifer Coolidge was also a welcome later addition to the cast.

We are only reviewing the DVD set, but the show is also being released on Blu-ray. It seems a bit strange that the Blu-ray release is about five dollars cheaper than the DVD version on Amazon. If that's going to become more prevalent, it will be time for many people to switch formats. I like the Blu-ray/DVD combo deals. Overall, this a pretty decent set for a very funny show. There are only about 20 minutes worth of special features, but they give a good behind the scenes look at the show. 2 Broke Girls is moving to 9pm on Mondays this season, so I'm expecting bigger and better things for this breakout hit in its sophomore season. Tune in for the season premiere on September 24 at 9pm ET/PT on CBS.

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 5/5
Audio Quality: 5/5
Special Features: 2/5
Menu Design/Navigation: 3.5/5
Overall: 4/5

-- Reviewed by Todd Fuller on 09/02/12

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