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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I contact Unsolved Mysteries with information on previous stories?

If you any information on cases, you can contact them via:

Website: www.unsolved.com

Contact form on official Unsolved Mysteries site

Please note that their old mailing address and 1-800 phone number no longer work.

2) Where can I watch Unsolved Mysteries?

Spike TV

Unsolved Mysteries launched on Spike TV on Monday, October 13, 2008.

Unsolved Mysteries explores unsolved cases in which you, the viewer, can help solve a case. The show includes cases from a variety of categories: Murder, Missing Persons, Wanted Fugitives, UFOs, Ghosts, Fraud, Legends, Science/Medicine, among others. The new Unsolved Mysteries programs will consist of re-creations of the events, along with interviews with the subjects, participants and authorities, documentary footage and news footage. Entirely new graphics, special effects, music and title sequences were created for the Spike broadcasts, along with new narration and host stand-ups by Dennis Farina. They will broadcast 175 episodes. Spike TV Schedule


08/12/10: Lifetime Bringing Back Unsolved Mysteries Starting August 30

It was just this past Monday we gave you Lifetime's Fall 2010 schedule, but now they have added two more series to the schedule. These two series will actually start Monday, Aug. 30 instead of Sept. 13. The big news is that Lifetime is bringing back Unsolved Mysteries and will air it weekdays (except Thursdays) at 3pm and 4pm starting Aug. 30. The 2008 episodes with Dennis Farina are listed to air. The series last aired on Lifetime in 2007, but these 2008 episodes have never aired on Lifetime. The series moved to Spike TV in Fall 2008 in a 5-year deal and Spike TV it seems will still continue to air the series in late nights. Maybe now a shared deal it seems. We will have more on Spike TV's Fall schedule in the coming days, so stay tuned. And we will try to get more information on this Unsolved Mysteries situation on Lifetime, so stay with us.

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