Happy Days Trivia Answers

This section contains the answers to the trivia questions on the previous page. If anyone has any additional information, please e-mail me and I will post the answers and additional information.

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Answer: When he was younger, Potsie liked to make things with clay and one day his mother called him "Potsie".

Answer: The episode is #104 Joanie's First Kiss. I believe the actor was Tim Dial.

Answer: Episode #18: Richie's Car

Answer: Klondike53201 is the same thing as saying 555. Since 555 is never used for any phone number, every television show uses it. K and L are just the letters on the phone= 555-3201. The telephone company set aside the 555 exchange for writers so they could give out telephone numbers out in books, movies, tv, etc. without actually giving out a "real" number. (thanks to several members of the Happy Days mailing list for helping me with this!)

Answer: Kukla, Fran and Ollie

Answer: It was named Arthur's in the first episode.

Answer: I believe it was called the 'Great Milk Can Escape' or something to that effect. The trick included rope and a milk can.

Answer: U.S. Army

Answer: Potsie was a psychology major, Ralph studied optometry, and Richie studied journalism.

Answer: University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

Answer: Henry Winkler, Tom Bosley, and Marion Ross appeared in the first episode of Happy Days all the way through to the last episode. If you include the pilot on Love American Style, it would be Marion Ross and Anson Williams (although he wasn't a regular cast member the last season really).

Answer: My theory is that it was done because the show had moved from the 1950's into the early 1960's and they didn't want a 1950's style diner. Another possibility is that the show was declining in the ratings, and they did it to gain new viewers.

Answer: MommaPoppaSister

Answer: The Tenpins

Answer: Mother Kelp, Marion's mother was seen in one episode in the last season, who always called Howard, "Fatty".

Answer: Little Richie was played by Bo Sharon (atleast in the Welcome Home episodes).

Answer: The theme was by Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox.

Answer: Ruth Cox played the character of Thunder McCoy- the ornery wrangler from the Bar a Dude Ranch.

Answer: A folk version of the song, "Come Go With Me".

Answer: Richie invites some girls to see Fonzie in his pajamas at the house.

Answer: Raisins. (from episode #79 Marion Rebels)

Answer: "Pow"

Answer: Joanie started smoking so she could join the magnets. The boy's name was Jim.

Answer: He owned and operated a gas station (from episode #4).

Answer: Chachi accidentally burns down Arnold's in episode #159 "Hot Stuff".

Answer: Leather Tuscadero.

Answer: Yes, in episode #106 (Richie Almost Dies). Also, Welcome Home (Part 2), Passages (Part 2), Fonzie Goes Blind, and Arthur, Arthur.

Answer: Richie took apart his bike.

Answer: Yes, in episode #238 (Welcome Home, Part 2). Richie and Ralph come back home from the army, and Richie gets drunk at a bar and Fonzie came in to talk some sense into him. It didn't work though, Richie punched the Fonz! (Thanks to the numerous people who sent in this answer)

Answer: Ralph didn't, but Potsie mentions a sister who is about 15 or 16 in one of the earlier episodes.

Answer: Fonzie meets his long-lost brother in one of the later episodes.

Answer: Spike

Answer: The Demons

Answer: Potsie and Joanie nicknamed him "Dren" which is nerd backwards (Joanie didn't think he was nerd, she thought just the opposite).

Answer: the photo booth at Arnold's

Answer: James Dean

Answer: Arnold's Wedding (Episode #56) aired on March 2nd, 1976.

Answer: Leopold

Answer: There were 3. Shortcake from the Fonz, Joans from Jenny, and Blue eyes from Chachi.

Answer: Danny was played by actor Danny Ponce, probably best known for his role of Willy Hogan on The Hogan Family.

Answer: He left the series in March of 1982 to work on the spin-off series, Joanie Loves Chachi.

Answer: a red sweater with gray stripes and a big J on it (thanks to Tracy for the answer also).

Answer: Al Molinaro first appeared as Al Delvecchio in episode #64 Fonzie Loves Pinky, Part 1 and his last appearance was in Passages, Part 2 (#255) in the role of Al as well as Father Delvecchio.

Answer: It is the "Mouth" Ralph Malph in the fake embrace.

Answer: That would be episode #109 (Our Gang)

Answer: He was an optometrist.

Answer: I believe it was "Richard J. Cunningham". There was some talk on the mailing list of his middle name being "Jay", but I think his middle initial was J. and it was never mentioned what it stood for. E-mail me if anyone knows.

Answer: They were married in episode #170 Dreams Can Come True so it would have been 1980 (around December.

Answer: There were no "lost episodes". This particular scene was shown in the 1992 Happy Days Reunion show and it was an outtake. They were just trying to get Tom Bosley's attention in this particular scene.

Answer: Welcome Home, Part 2 (#238)

Answer: 14; one for every day of the week and every night of the week. In one episode he tells Richie that he numbers them and one is identified as #23.

Answer: Richie was in Alpha Tau Omega and Lori Beth was in Delta Gamma. (thanks to John Jaeger for the answers)

Answer: I don't think it was ever mentioned on the show. When Happy Days creator Garry Marshall was ever asked about where Chuck went, he would say he got a 12 year basketball scholarship to Outer Mongolia.

Answer: Joanie had a hamster named Gertrude. Of course, Fonzie had his dog Spunky and his pigeons for an episode.

Answer: The actress is Hillary Horan who appeared as several different characters on Happy Days (see Question #56).

Answer: Mickey Malph

Answer: I don't know if Joanie had a favorite doll, but she did have a stuffed panda bear named Hugo.

Answer: Peanut Butter and Jelly. In the episode where Richie, Potsie, and Ralph are hired to fix the fence of a "hot-to-trot" divorcee, Potsie and Ralph take the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches she made for them and leave Richie with the bologna, which he cringes over.

Answer: Chachi has diabetes. (thanks to John Fara, Jr. for the answer)

Answer: That would be the last episode of the 1979-80 season, #167 Ralph's Family Problem (the one that aired last).

Answer: The band had no name, this was a running joke on the series. They would be introduced as 'the band' and Al would say something like 'you guys really need to get a name'. The members were Richie, Potsie, Ralph, and Bag. Al and Chachi would play in the band in later episodes.

Answer: Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Answer: Charles "Chachi" Arcola first appeared in the episode Hollywood, Part 1

Answer: The name of the actress is Hillary Horan. She also appears in #178, Welcome to My Nightmare. (thanks to Garry Robinson and Verdoux for finding out)

Answer: Melinda Maud played Paula Petrolunga in episode #218.

Answer: It was mentioned several times as "Joanie Louise Cunningham".

Answer: K.C. Cunningham (Crystal Bernard) was the Cunningham's niece from Texas who came to live with them after Joanie (Erin Moran) had left to do the spinoff series, Joanie Loves Chachi.

Answer: There was no episode where it was told that Richie was leaving for Greenland. Ron Howard decided to leave the show after the 1979-80 season, and there was no farewell episode for him. When Howard had left the show, they had to come up with the Richie to Greenland storyline.

Answer: This question is debatable. My best guess is that it was 1965 or 1966. In episode #'s 190 and 191, Joanie sends some home movies from the summer of '62, and then the show lasted another 2 years. However, someone noticed that Joanie wears a t-shirt for some bands "Great Tour of '65" in the last episode. Another argument can be made for late 1965/early 1966 based on the statement by Howard in one of the last episodes, that the Braves were leaving Milwaukeee, since the team moved to Atlanta prior to the 1966 season.

Answer: Fonzie and Pinky were boyfriend/girlfriend in 3 episodes and considered getting married; Fonzie and Leather were just good friends.

Answer: Rosa Coletti

Answer: Several people have written me saying that Henry Winkler had started to gain some weight as he was getting older. Helen Young suggests "In the first few episodes, Fonzie was not the main character, nor was he intended to be. His leather jacket and tough guy image became such a craze, that the producers of the show decided to make him one of the stars. His leather jacket was ordered to always be worn, and the t-shirt change may have been to emphasize his tough guy image, or draw more attention to the leather jacket (white is a more distracting color than black)

Answer: As far as I know, Happy Days never won any Emmys, and I am not sure if they ever were nominated or received any other awards. Henry Winkler won two Golden Globe Awards (in 1977 and 1978 he won the best TV actor- Musical/Comedy award ) and three Emmy nominations for his role as Fonzie.

Happy Days and The Emmys

Happy Days at the Emmys 
     Emmy Nominations: 
     1975-76 Lead Actor in a Comedy Series: Henry Winkler 
     1977-78 Lead Actor in a Comedy Series: Henry Winkler
     1977-78 Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series: Tom Bosley
     1977-78 Directing in a Comedy Series: Jerry Paris
     1977-78 Film Editing in a Comedy Series: Ed Cotter (he won) 
     1978-79 Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series: Marion Ross 
     1980-81 Directing in a Comedy Series: Jerry Paris 
     1983-84 Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series: Marion Ross 

Answer: Richie to Fonzie: "Hi, Fonzie. Have you seen Potsie around?" (thanks to numerous people for sending the answer in)

Answer: Sticks Downey was played by actor Jack Baker. An interesting fact about Sticks Downey is that he was apparently advertised as a regular cast member (as was Pinky Tuscadero) during previews during the summer before the season started, but he appeared in only a couple of episodes. The actor, Jack Baker, would go on to do some adult movies and he died several years ago of kidney failure.

Answer: Spring Time Cola

Answer: The Ajax Bust Developer

Answer: "When I'm asked to be best man at a wedding, disaster happens."

Answer: Mr. Musk

Answer: Baked macaroni and apple sauce

Answer: "Hardware"

Answer: The Love Bandit

Answer: Blueberry pancakes and fresh-squeezed orange juice

Answer: Ernie's Hardware Store

Answer: Free paint color-mixing

Answer: Anson Williams left his regular role on Happy Days following the 1982-1983 season, so his last regular episode would have been #233 (Affairs of the Heart). He did, however, return for the 2 Welcome, Home episodes with Ron Howard and Donny Most. For some reason, he and Donny Most did not return for the final 2 episodes which were taped November 11, 1983.

Answer: No, only Joanie and Chachi were married at the end of the series. Richie and Lori Beth had been married several years earlier.

Answer: The Hooper Triplets

Answer: Two. Gavan O'Herlihy played Chuck during the first season (1974). Randolph Roberts played Chuck during the second season (1974-1975).

Answer: Sean "Cap" Cunningham.

Answer: They were the Mallachi Brothers. They appear in the 3 Fonzie Loves Pinky episodes.

Answer: This particular song is in episode #103 (Potsie Gets Pinned). The song is sung by Potsie and his girlfriend (who was played by Anson Williams' real-life wife (they are now divorced), Lorrie Mahaffey). The name of the song is "You Are My Melody". When the episode first aired, Anson Williams talked about it on a talk show. He wrote the song especially for this episode (thanks to Jan Staso for the information)

Answer: See the Did you know? section for the details.

Answer: That was Fonzie's clumsy cousin, Angie Fonzarelli, who came to work at Arnold's in episode #77 (The Book of Records).

Answer: The Jefferson High School Ducks

Answer: Susan Neher appeared in the Love, American Style episode called "Love and the Happy Days" which was the pilot for Happy Days. She played Joanie Cunningham in this episode. She also appeared in Bobby Sherman's TV series ,"Getting Together" (1971-72) as his sister. (thanks also to Karen for the answer!)

Answer: Most of the regular cast did return for the final two episodes. This would include Richie, Lori Beth, Jenny Piccolo, and Al. Pinky and Leather Tuscadero did not return. And surprisingly, Potsie and Ralph did not return.

Answer: She becomes a waitress at Arnold's in episode #79 (Marion Rebels).

Answer: In episode #136 (Marion Fairy Godmother). Richie and Lori Beth and Ralph Malph and Leather Tuscadero attend a military ball.

Answer: Yes, Pinky was Leather's older sister.

Answer: The name of the gameshow was Dreams Can Come True. In episode #170 (Dreams Can Come True), Marion Ross tries to win money on the show so that Lori Beth can join Richie who is stationed with the U.S. Army in Greenland.

Answer: Spunky

Answer: I would call it grey or off-white in color, although in other episodes it appears to be light blue. For more information on Fonzie's windbreaker and his patented leather jacket, see the did you know? section.

Answer: Ron Howard decided to the leave Happy Days following the 1979-80 season to pursue his career as a director. Although there would never be a replacement for Ron Howard, I do believe the character of Roger Phillips was introduced to add to the storylines. Happy Days, however, would never do as well in the ratings as it had during the Ron Howard years.

Answer: The Cunninghams lived at 179 Ridge Street throughout the show. There were some major changes to the interior of the house from the earlier seasons to the later seasons (the position of the front door, the lack of a dining room in the later seasons), etc. They obviously changed the interior of the home starting in the 3rd season because they started performing before a live studio audience. Because they had already shot from one direction, and showed the same back walls, they just changed the front door around because they couldn't enter from the audience. Their interior home undertook an oval shape to face the audience. They got rid of the dining room.

Answer: Yes, he was a professional singer. See the did you know? section for more details.

Answer: The Polaskey twins

Answer: Fonzie's middle name is Herbert. It is given in the episode where he is baptized.

Answer: The phrase "Sit on it" was not a expression used in the fifties, rather a expression used on Happy Days.

Answer: The name of the lodge that Howard was callled the "Leopard Lodge". Yes, he was the Grand Poohbah. In episode #251- Howard tries to recruit new members, or he will lose his position as leader of the Leopard Lodge to a pompous lodge brother.

Answer: Howard Cunningham (Tom Bosley) turns to the camera and toasts his drink with the words "So thank you all for being part of our family. To Happy Days".

Answer: There were atleast 3 different names of the garage. First it was Herb's Auto Repair, then Bronko's Auto Repairing, and finally Fonzie's Auto Repairing when The Fonz became the operator of the garage.

Answer: Hot Rod Magazine

Answer: Inspiration Point

Answer: Leather Tuscadero was played by real-life rock star, Suzi Quatro.

Answer: Apparently, the name of the Milwaukee restaurant is Leon's. UPDATE: While the inside of the stand is quite similar as to what was built for the show, Leon's does not have seating inside. It was probably based on more of a general type of diner, rather than any particular one (thanks to Donna Delgado of Milwaukee for the info)

The interior for Arnold's was modeled after a restaurant called "Pig 'n Whistle", located on Capitol Drive in Milwaukee. The exterior was modeled after The Milky Way drive-in, located on Port Washington Road in a suburb of Milwaukee called Glendale. Also, the colors for Jefferson High School, light blue and white, were lifted from the nearest high school to The Milky Way, Nicolet High School.

Neither place exists today. The Pig 'n Whistle has closed, and The Milky Way was remodeled about 15 years ago and is now called Kopp's Custard. The parking lot in front is still filled nightly, but there are no carhops--you must go to the window for your order. While there are no carhops at Kopp's Custard, there were carhops on roller skates at The Milky Way.

While Leon's was another custard stand in Milwaukee, and while it was similar to The Milky Way, it was not the inspiration for it. (thanks to Rossgita for the additional information)

Answer: I have read several different messages from motorcycle experts regarding what kind of motorcycle Fonzie rode. As the show was on for 11 seasons, he probably had several different types. In the early episodes where he is wearing an off-white windbreaker, it is probably a Harley-Davidson (tm) Sportster (tm). In the later episodes, it is probably a pre-unit 500 Triumph twin. Another possibility is a BSA. A little bit of trivia: Henry Winkler was scared to death of motorcycles and he seldom rode them in the show.

Answer: Spike's was Fonzie's little nephew or cousin depending on who you believe and his first name was Raymond and I don't think his last name was ever given. Spike appeared in atleast 2 episodes and was played by actor Danny Butch.

Answer: The name of Pinky Tuscadero's "gang" was the Pinkettes. The character names were Tina and Lola and they were played by Doris Hess and Kelly Sanders.

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