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The Loop



Premiere Date: Special Preview on Wednesday, March 15, 2006 (20th Century Fox Television)
Network: FOX
Time: Thursdays at 8:30 p.m.
Cast: Starring Bret Harrison, Eric Christian Olsen, Amanda Loncar, Sarah Mason, Philip Baker Hall, Mimi Rogers, and Joy Osmanski


Life as an executive at an airline must be pretty boring, considering all of the partying and drinking that you must do... wait, is that what an airline executive really does? Well, that is what an airline executive does if you are Sam, the youngest executive ever at the airline! Life during the day is all business, and life at night is, well, party hearty... but by morning, you have to be back to business again! How can you manage to do that? Find out in The Loop!

Cast Details:

The Loop stars Bret Harrison (who was previously on Grounded for Life) as Sam, a recent college graduate, and the first among his friends to get a real job--and a good one at that, a job as an executive at an airline. Despite the fact that he has a real job, he still has to contend with his roommates, including his brother Sully (Eric Christian Olsen), who is a total slacker, future doctor-to-be Piper (Amanda Loncar), and bartender and stereotypical blonde Lizzy (Sarah Mason, previously on Quintuplets). At work, he has to contend with his highly demanding boss, Russ (Philip Baker Hall of "Bruce Almighty"), co-worker Mimi (Mimi Rodgers of The Geena Davis Show and The X-Files) who, despite being twice Sam's age, is a sexual predator that wants Sam more than anything else in the world, and secretary Darcy (Joy Osmanski), who recently graduated in the top of her class at MIT but has been employed as a... secretary.

Pilot Plot:

In the pilot episode, Sam gives Piper a voucher so that her boyfriend can fly out to Chicago to meet her for her birthday. But when Piper and her boyfriend get into a fight and Sam has to get the voucher back due to the "cycle," and has to decide what is more important: getting the voucher back or getting Piper for himself. In the end, Sam (who is at the same time responsible for coming up with a cost-cutting measure for the airline) makes a decision that (although it'll make his fellow employees forever hate him), it makes Russ very satisfied in his newest executive.

The second episode of the show (which will be the timeslot premiere episode) involves Sam being asked to come up with a plan for an low-fare airline to compete with airlines such as Southwest after he bursts out laughing at the original airline planned by another employee--Jack Air--which the employee presented with such advertising campaign slogans as "Jack It." But after taking the "tequila challenge" (watch the episode to find out what I'm talking about), he is unable to have enough time to work on the plan before the deadline. How is he going to work his way out of that one?


I'm highly critical of any new show that comes around these days, and even further, I've come to this point where any new show that I automatically assume any new show that Fox will be airing will be a disaster. However, this show honestly isn't bad at all--in fact, I kind of enjoyed the first two episodes. To an extent, and this is going to sound EXTREMELY odd, but the show kind of reminds me of Bewitched--think about it this way: Bewitched is (not completely, but to some extent) about an employee that works hard in his normal atmosphere at work, and has to deal with a home life that is very much different, and often finds the disasters at home conveniently work in his favor at work. That is basically the same idea with The Loop, at least as far as the first two episodes are concerned. The cast of the show is not the greatest casting I've ever seen, though, but then again, this is FOX we are talking about. What actor wants to be on a show when they know that the odds are very good that the network will quickly cancel that particular show?


It really isn't a bad show in comparison to some of the shows that make it on the air these days. However, it would be unrealistic to believe that this show is going to last too long. Keep in mind that we are talking about FOX here, a network that probably has the highest percentage of these "revolving door" shows. But, this is a decent show and is definitely better than many other shows that are currently on the air, so watch it while it is around--perhaps if it gets any reasonable response, it won't be a victim of this revolving door syndrome.

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars):

Watchability: 4/5
Funniness: 3.5/5
Overall: 4/5

-- Reviewed by skees53 on 03/08/06

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